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Romania is a great destination in south-eastern Europe that you should see. Even though it is the place where Dracula and the vampires were born, Romania offers much more than just spooky stories. Romania is pulsating with life. Here you can walk through streets steeped in history, visit numerous museums and art galleries or discover the diverse sights of the cities. You should also visit some of the churches and monasteries to feel the spirituality of these very special places! And believe me, like most of the tourists I have spoken to, you will fall in love with the beauty of Romanian nature and enjoy the traditional food!

Destination Romania

Romania’s landscapes are very diverse. The Carpathians, for example, are mostly covered with forest. There are also bears, wolves, luxe and many other animals that make their home in the dense forests. The Black Sea coast offers beautiful sandy beaches as well as rocky cliffs where birds nest.

The Danube Delta is also an experience. Romania is also home to the last primeval forests in Europe, which will hopefully remain in the future. Not to be forgotten are the numerous lakes. But the cities also offer green oases. In short, Romania is a paradise for nature lovers, who will find various hiking trails in the idyllic countryside.

In Romania’s cities, on the other hand, life pulsates. Visit the many sights such as castles, palaces and other landmarks, or visit one of the museums in the respective city. If you want to go shopping, you will find both modern shopping centres and traditional shops.

Whether it’s a city break, a summer holidays, a winter holidays, a weekend trip or a nature trip, Romania is an interesting destination in Europe at any time of the year!

Highlights of Romania

Romania offers pure nature, but also cities with sights as well as culture and sea.

Castles & Palaces of Romania

There are many beautiful historical castles in Romania, including Castle Dracula as well as Peles Castle.

Nature Sites of Romania

Romania’s nature is magnificent. Here you can still find primeval forests, mountain, landscapes, sea.

Parts of Romania

Satmar si Maramures

A part of today's Romania was called Satmar si Maramures in the...


A part of today's Romania was called Oltenia (Little Wallachia) in...


A part of today's Romania was called Bucovina (Bukovina) in the...

Parts of Romania

Romania's territories include Transylvania, Oltenia, Muntenia,...

Dobrogea (Dobruja)

A part of today's Romania was called Dobrogea (Dobruja) in the past....


A part of today's Romania was called Crisana in the past. Today,...


Part of today's Romania was called Muntenia (Great Wallachia) in the...

Best Cities

Romania has beautiful cities, some of which have world-famous...


A part of today's Romania was called Banat in the past. Today this...

Moldova (Moldavia)

A part of today's Romania was called Moldova (Moldavia) in the past....
Experience Romania

There is still a lot to tell about Romania, so it is best to read on and if you are convinced, then travel to Romania yourself and experience the enormous hospitality of the people, which I myself have come to appreciate and miss in many other countries. I will definitely come back.

You can easily reach Romania by plane. Besides Bucharest, the airport in Sibiu, Cluj or Iasi, and hopefully soon Brasov as well, are easy to reach from Germany and other European countries. Within Romania, you can either rent a car or take the Romanian train. Taxis are also cheap. Buses are the cheapest.

Map of Romania
Eat & Drink in Romania

Eat Drink ,Romania’s cuisine is diverse and has many influences. I tried many traditional dishes and always enjoyed them.

Transylvania Travel Guide
Transylvania Travel Guide
Highlights of Romania

Among the highlights in Romania are the natural beauty and the magnificent buildings such as castles and palaces, delicious food & wine.

Discover Romania

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Dracula & Vampires

Bust of Vlad Tepes Dracula

Don’t you think of Dracula first when you hear the word Transylvania? And like many other tourists & travelers from all over the world, you surely want to learn more about Dracula. Come to Transylvania and follow the traces of Dracula. But who is Dracula and did he really exist? The belief in vampires is still widespread all over the world. But for many, Dracula or vampires are only fictional characters in numerous books. Vlad Tepes III is seen as the model for the figure of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the horror novel of the same name. He lived in the 15th century and was a bloodthirsty prince who impaled his enemies on wooden stakes as a deterrent.