Sovata is a Romanian town in Transylvania and at the same time one of the most famous cure resorts in Romania. People have been coming here for centuries to rest and relax. Situated in a beautiful natural setting with forests and mountains, as well as lakes, of which Lake Bear (Lacul Ursu) is the largest salt lake in Europe. The salt content of the heliothermal lake is so high that it is also called the “Dead Sea”. The therapeutic effect of the water is then also what attracts more and more holidaymakers and people seeking relaxation to Sovata.


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In the past, kings have already recovered in the saltwater resort of Sovata. Today the place is open to everyone. Here you can treat musculoskeletal complaints, respiratory diseases and gynaecological and dermatological diseases. In addition to a bath in the lake or in one of the lakes, there is now a wide range of therapeutic treatments and wellness offers. You can also go hiking in the beautiful forests in the surrounding area. Forests are also good for you. A hiking trail, for example, connects the individual lakes located in Sovata. These include the largest of the salt lakes, Lake Bear (Lacul Ursu), as well as the lakes Lacul Mierlei, Lacul Alunis, Lacul Paraschiva and others.

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  • Tourist Office Centre – Sovata CNIPT
    Address: Strada Trandafirilor 115, Sovata

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Sovata is geared towards tourists. Here you will find numerous restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities. For example, the Parc Aventura Sovata, where you can go climbing and on various hiking trails. But the numerous parks in Sovata also invite you to take a walk and linger. The wellness offer is just as varied, from sauna to massages to therapeutic treatments. And if you’re ever in Sovata, you should take a ride on the old steam locomotive Mocanita. Not far from Sovata is the spa town of Praid. Day trips to the towns of Sighisoara and Targu Mures are also recommended, as well as to the village of Corund, which is famous for Romanian handicrafts.


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Transylvania is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Sovata is located in the historic region of Transylvania!