The natural beauties of Romania are magnificent and some of the beautiful natural sites are unique in Europe. Experience mountain peaks, caves, lakes, primeval forests, wild animals, countless rare plants and much more in this nature-rich country. The numerous hiking trails lead you through the species-rich national parks, nature reserves, around lakes or even over mountains and offer you a wonderful journey through a fantastic nature of Romania. Brasov or Sibiu are good starting points for hiking in the nearby national parks and nature reserves, but also from other cities it is not far to nature.

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Hiking in Romania

Hiking in Romania’s National Park (Parcul National) and Natural Park (Parcul Natural) is an experience, because here you are almost one with nature. You can experience nature on your own or in a group during a guided tour. In the various national parks and nature reserves as well as hiking regions there are several well signposted hiking trails. However, do not leave the signposted trails. It is forbidden and also dangerous. For longer tours, hiking maps can also be helpful. The mobile phone network in Romania is well developed, but there are some places, for example in the Zarnesti Gorge, where there is no signal.

You will find in the nature reserves & national parks and forests of Romania various hiking trails with different lengths and degrees of difficulty. For example, in the Parcul National Piatra Craiului and in the Parcul Natural Bucegi as well as in the Fagaras Mountains you can hike on numerous marked trails through idyllic forests, over mountain ridges and past rivers, streams, small waterfalls as well as over high pastures and wide valleys. The Carpathians are one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Europe and extend over large parts of Romania.

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Whether you want to hike alone or in a group, in Romania and the Carpathians you will find numerous hiking routes that will take you through beautiful landscapes and along great natural sites. So you can enjoy nature on routes that last several days as well as on circular routes that can be from one to several hours long. A very special highlight are guided hikes. Here, local and expert guides accompany the hiking groups and provide information about the local flora and fauna. In addition, they know particularly beautiful places and show the participants some special features of the respective national park, because rare plants or animals are not always easy to discover.

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Hiking & Trails

You can find hiking trails for example in the Apuseni Nature Park (Cluj-Napoca region) or the Piatra Craiului National Park (Brasov region), which are suitable for day trips as well as for tours of several days. In the Fagaras Mountains you can make day hikes, for example to the mountain lake Balea Lac, or multi-day tours over the mountain ridge. In Bucegi National Park you can discover unique rock formations. The Sphinx and Babele, which are located at an altitude of over 2200 meters. You want to climb peaks? The Moldoveanu peak in the Fagaras Mountains is the highest in Romania with an altitude of 2,544 meters and the Omu with 2,514 meters is located in the Parcul Natural Bucegi. Many other peaks in Romania are above 2,400 meters.

Note: There are warning signs at most of the entrances to the nature reserves. Firstly, one should behave mindfully and not leave any trash behind, and secondly, there are wild animals in many areas. One should also refrain from using too strong perfumes during a planned hike. Leftover food should not be left in the forest, as it attracts animals to the walkways. Otherwise, you should follow common precautions and carry a cell phone in case of emergency.

Salvamont is the Romanian mountain rescue service and can be reached at the emergency number +40725826668!



Even though very few hikers or tourists in Romania will ever see a snake, you should be prepared. If you are bitten by a snake, you should act quickly. If swelling develops and you experience circulatory problems or even collapse, you should seek medical attention as...

Sphinx and Babele

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