Romania is a paradise for bikers (Motorcycle Tours), because here you will not only find one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the world, the Tranfagarasan, but many beautiful roads to cruise through often beautiful landscapes. The most popular and well known region is Transylvania with the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov and Sibiu, just to name a few. This beautiful region is home to no less than 2 of the world-renowned pass roads that bring a smile to every motorcyclist’s face. Over winding roads with numerous straights and fantastic views of Romania’s fantastic natural landscapes, you will experience an incredible motorbike tour. You can explore Romania and Transylvania on your own or book one of the many guided tours.

Motorcycle Tours

Streets of Romania

Motorcycle Tours

The offer of motorcycle tours in Romania is diverse. You can choose from complete offers to motorcycle rentals. Motorcycle transports from Germany to Romania are also popular. If you drive on your own, I recommend Sibiu (Hermannstadt) or Brasov (Kronstadt) as starting point or base for day tours. Many tours also start in the west of Romania in the city of Timisoara and lead over the pass road Transalpina as well as the pass road Transfagarasan over Sibiu and Brasov to Bucuresti (Bucharest). I drove a few thousand kilometers on Romania’s roads, most of them were better than expected, yet one should always be prepared for unpredictable things. For example, if suddenly a cow, a sheep or a whole herd blocks the road.

Photos of romanian Streets

Motorcycle Tours

Take your time when you are on the road, because the nature and the sometimes picturesque villages, churches or castles will inspire you. Accommodation should not be a problem, from a simple room to a 5-star hotel. Romania’s roads are not yet overcrowded, even if there can be traffic jams on popular stretches on public holidays. Nevertheless, I have not met a single tourist who was not enthusiastic about Romania and its landscapes and the hospitality of the people.

Motorcycle Tours in Romania

Motorbike destination Romania and routes or pass roads (dream roads) you should have seen.

Transfagarasan leads from the Arges Valley over the Transylvanian Alps to Oberkerz (Cârțișoara) in Transylvania or vice versa. The national road is marked DN 7, the route is about 150 kilometres long and will impress you.

Transalpina (national road 67C / Drumul Regal) leads from Novaci over the Muntii Parang mountains to the town of Sebes. You will experience amazing views on about 148 kilometres.

Cheia Pass (DN1A) The national road DN1A leads from Ploiesti to Brasov, the most beautiful part of this road is the Cheia Pass. The most interesting part of the route starts at the monastery of Manastirea Suzana, passes through the village of Cheia and ends at Babarunca. It is 112 kilometres from Ploiesti to Brasov or vice versa.

Rucar-Bran Pass is on the road from Campulung to Brasov DN73 (E574) and starts around the village of Rucar and ends in front of the ski resort Moieciu de Jos. The road gives you a fantastic view of the Muntii Bucegi mountains. It is about 60 kilometres from Rucar to Brasov or vice versa.

Pass Urdele is part of the Transalpina

Along the Black Sea, the national road DN39 leads you from Constanta to Vama Veche. The road takes you through numerous seaside resorts. The distance is about 50 kilometres.

Note: Not all passes are passable all year round. So find out before you travel.
In Romania there is also a compulsory vignette (Roviniete), which you can get at petrol stations or book online. (