Highlights of Romania


Highlights of Romania, the attractions in Romania include the numerous magnificent buildings as well as the natural beauty and the tasty food and wine. Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, and is also known for scary stories, vampires and Dracula. Even though Dracula’s footsteps are very interesting, Romania has much more to offer. A must for every traveler is the capital Bucuresti (Bucharest). But you should also visit the beautiful historic centers of the various cities. Brasov , Sibiu Sigishoara, Cluj-Napoca or Timisoara. Not to forget the Black Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains.

Highlights of Romania



Transylvania is certainly the best known region of Romania, and is also known for Dracula´s Castle and vampires.

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Fortresses & Castles

Castles & Palaces of Romania

In Romania you will find numerous castles and palaces, including the legendary Castle Dracula.

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Nature Sites

Nature Sites of Romania

The Romanian nature is magnificent with its virgin forests, as well as great mountain scenery and sea.

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Beach Sites

Beach Cities

On the Black Sea coast there are several seaside resorts, with beautiful beaches and many opportunities.

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Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, which includes the counties of Alba, Bistrita, Brasov, Cluj, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mures as well as Sibiu. Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, . Here tourists & travelers...


Transylvania is certainly the best-known region of Romania, and is also known as Transylvania. Here you will find numerous sights and natural sites. But let's be honest, don't you think of Dracula first when you hear the word Transylvania? So it's no wonder that...

Castles and Palaces

Romania is a country full of history, culture, traditions as well as architectural monuments, natural beauty and more. The country's eventful history is also reflected in the numerous castles and palaces. These national monuments and landmarks of Romania are sometimes...

Tiroliana Pasul Palma

The Tiroliana Pasul Palma (Pasul Palma zip line) is one of the longest and most impressive ziplines in Romania. It is located in the Bucovina region around 70 kilometers from the city of Suceava and 55 kilometers from the city of Siret. Over a length of 1.1...

Mega Tiroliana Bucovina

The Mega Tiroliana Bucovina zip line is one of the longest zip lines in Europe. It is located in the Bucovina region around 40 kilometers from the city of Suceava, 110 kilometers from the city of Piatra Neamt and 80 kilometers from the city of Botosani. Over a length...

Tiroliana Canionul 7 Scari Brasov

The Tiroliana Canionul 7 Scari (zip line) is located in the beautiful forest area of Piatra Mare and starts right at the exit of the famous canyon (Canionul 7 Scari / Canyon of the Seven Ladders). The zip line route then follows the forest road, where you can...

Tiroliana Cheile Gradistei Brasov

In one of the most impressive gorges in the Carpathians, you can experience the surrounding landscape from a bird's eye view. With the Tiroliana Cheile Gradistei, you can literally glide from point A to B on the zip line over a length of around 500 meters and a height...

Cities of Romania

Discover Romania’s cities worth seeing. Here you will find historical buildings, leisure activities, events, culture, gastronomy and much more. Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu,…

Vlad Tepes Dracula

Who doesn’t think of Dracula and vampires when they hear Romania? You can find traces of Vlad Tepes, the painter, in many places. You can find the right place here.

Castles & Palaces of Romania

In Romania you will find numerous castles and palaces, including the legendary Dracula Castle, the beautiful Peles Castle and Corvin Castle.

Highlights of Romania

Summer Holidays in Romania

Romania is a year-round destination in southeastern Europe and is...

Moceris Waterfall

The Moceris Waterfall (Cascada Moceris) is located near the National...

Transfagarasan Road

You should definitely take a look at the Transfagarasan pass road...

Belis Fantanele Lake

The reservoir Lake Belis-Fantanele (Lacul Belis-Fantanele) is...

Cincis Lake

Cincis Lake (Lacul Cincis) is a beautiful lake in Hunedoara County...

Arad Fortress

The historic Arad Fortress (Cetatea Aradului) is located in the...

Iron Gate National Park

The so-called Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier)...

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains (Muntii Carpati in Romanian) are a huge...

Bigar Waterfall

The Bigar Waterfall (Cascada Bigar)in Romania is one of the most...

Moldovia Bucovina Monasteries

Moldavia and Bucovina are regions in Romania of particular beauty...
Nature Sites of Romania

Romania has numerous nature parks and nature reserves with a diverse animal population and plant species. You can experience them up close via hiking trails.

Bucegi Nature Park

Bucegi National Park is located near the city of Brasov and is part of the Southern Carpathians. Omu is the highest point of the mountains. Highlight are the Babele rock formations & Sphinx.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is grandiose and pure nature. This is where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. The delta can be reached from the city of Tulcea and only by boat.

Piatra Craiului National Park

The Piatra-Craiului National Park is located near the town of Zarnesti and offers numerous hiking trails where you can experience nature. The highlight is the Prapastia Zarnestiului gorge.

Black Sea Romania

In addition to numerous seaside resorts, the Romanian Black Sea coast also has unspoilt beaches, nature and the unique Danube delta.

Top Places of Interest
Top places of Interest

Romania is a great destination in south-eastern Europe that is becoming increasingly popular

Map of Romania

Romania Photos

Photos say more than a thousand words, and since the photo motifs in Romania are almost inexhaustible, new ones are added all the time.

Transylvania Map

Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, and offers numerous attractions and not only Dracula Castle.

Churches Monasteries Romania

There are churches and monasteries in Romania in the most different architectural styles. Some magnificent others simple.

Winter Holidays Romania

Romania and especially Transylvania is a winter paradise  for skiers, snowboarders and others who will find numerous ski slopes here.