The Tiroliana Canionul 7 Scari (zip line) is located in the beautiful forest area of Piatra Mare and starts right at the exit of the famous canyon (Canionul 7 Scari / Canyon of the Seven Ladders). The zip line route then follows the forest road, where you can experience the thrill but also the beautiful nature. The zip line is divided into two sections and can only be used by people of a certain height.

Tiroliana Canionul 7 Scari

Location: Parcul Piatra Mare (Brasov)

Opening hours: See website



Note: Special safety regulations apply to every Tiroliana. In most cases, only people over a certain height can use the zip lines. You should also choose the right clothing.

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In Romania, there are several zip lines where you can slide from A to B on a steel cable, secured with a harness.

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