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Romania’s natural beauty is magnificent. Experience mountain peaks, caves, lakes, primeval forests, wild animals, countless rare plants and much more. The numerous hiking trails lead you through the different national parks and offer you a wonderful journey through a fantastic nature. There are numerous natural sites for you to discover! These include the Solomons Rocks, Bucegi National Park, Piatra Craiului Nature Reserve, Bucegi Nature Park, Apuseni Nature Park and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, various lakes and many more. You can experience nature on your own or in a group during a guided tour. There are several well-signposted hiking trails in the various nature parks. However, do not leave the signposted paths.

Nature Reserves

Bucegi National Park

Bucegi National Park

The Bucegi Nature Park (Parcul Natural Bucegi) covers a huge area with numerous smaller nature reserves in the southern Carpathians of Romania.

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Piatra Craiului National Park

Craiului National Park

The Piatra Craiului Nature Reserve (Parcul National Piatra Craiului) covers an area of almost 15000 hectares and is located in the Southern Carpathians in the Brasov & Arges County.

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Piatra Mare Nature Reserve

Romania Nature Park Piatra Mare

The Piatra Mare nature reserve is part of the south-eastern Carpathians and is particularly known for the Canyon of the 7 Ladders (Canionul 7 Scari).

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Lake Saint Ana

Lake Saint Ana

Lake saint Ana (Lacul Sfanta Ana) is located not far from the town of Tusnad and is a volcanic lake at an altitude of about 950 metres and its shore length is 1.7 kilometres.

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Nature Experience


Even though very few hikers or tourists in Romania will ever see a snake, you should be prepared. If you are bitten by a snake, you should act quickly. If swelling develops and you experience circulatory problems or even collapse, you should seek medical attention as...

Sphinx and Babele

The rock formations Babele and Sphinx are located in the Bucegi National Park at an altitude of over 2000 meters and are impressive. You can reach the rock formations comfortably by cable car from the village of Busteni or in the summer months via one of the hiking...

Eternal Flame

Eternal flame (Focul Viu) is called a unique natural spectacle that you can find near the town of Berca in Romania. In this place, a flame has been flickering for centuries, probably fed by an underground gas reservoir that has a leak here. The area is unique and...


The Danube (Dunărea) is a river that flows through numerous European countries. In Romania, the Danube is a little more than 1000 kilometers long and forms a natural border with the neighboring countries of Serbia and Bulgaria in the south, and in the estuary delta...

Dobrogea Gorges

The Dobrogea Gorges Nature Reserve (Cheile Dobrogei) Nature Reserve (Cheile Dobrogei) covers an area of 285 hectares and is really worth seeing. Unique fossil species have been found here in the limestone walls, and some of the fauna and flora are unique. In the...

Macin Mountains National Park

The Macin Mountains National Park (Parculu National Muntii Macinului)is a protected area in the Dobrogea region (Dobruja) and offers numerous hiking trails. The protected area can be reached from the west by national road 22D and from the north by E87 and 222A which...

Natural Reservation Gura Dobrogea

The Gura Dobrogea Nature Reserve (Rezervația naturală Gura Dobrogei) is located in Constanța County in eastern Romania and is a truly beautiful nature reserve that you should see. Gura Dobrogea is a spectacular tourist attraction, where you can find unique flora and...

Lake Cincis Romania

There are many natural sites in Romania for you to discover! Numerous hiking trails lead you through the species-rich national parks

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Lake Cincis Romania

There are various lakes in Romania, which are very different, including mountain lakes, reservoirs and some more.

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Romania Waterfall Balea

Waterfalls are impressive and there are many of them in Romania. Sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, but always interesting.

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Romania Cave Bolii

There are various caves in Romania that are different from each other. Dive into the world of stalactites, stalagmites and more.

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Fagaras Mountains Romania

The Fagaras Mountains (Muntii Fagaras) belong to the southern Carpathians in Romania, and are an impressive mountain landscape with peaks of 2,544 metres.

Cave Bolii Romania

Bolii Cave (Pestera Bolii) is located near the village of Petrosani and is well worth a visit. You enter the cave through a fantastic entrance that is about 20 metres high.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is grandiose and pure nature. This is where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. The delta can be reached from the city of Tulcea and only by boat.

Bucegi Rock Formation Sphinx

The rock formations Babele and Sphinx are located in the Bucegi National Park at an altitude of over 2000 meters


Beach Corbu

I would also like to mention one of the last undeveloped beaches in Romania, Beach Corbu (Plaja...

Cetatile Ponorului Cave

The limestone cave Cetatile Ponorului is located in the Parcul Natural Apuseni in Romania and is...

Calimani National Park

Calimani National Park (Parcul Național Călimani) is located in the north-east of Romania and is a...

Tampa Mountain

Mount Tampa also belongs to the Postavarul Massif and, with a height of about 960 metres, is a...

Bolii Cave

Bolii Cave (Pestera) is located near the village of Petrosani and is very worth seeing. You enter...

Maramures Mountains Natural Park

Maramures Mountains Nature Park (Parcului Natural Muntii Maramuresului) is located in the north of...

Belis Fantanele Lake

The reservoir Lake Belis-Fantanele (Lacul Belis-Fantanele) is located in the eastern part of the...

Scarisoara Ice Cave

Scarisoara Ice Cave (Pestera) is one of the most impressive caves in the Parcul Natural Apuseni...

Moceris Waterfall

The Moceris Waterfall (Cascada Moceris) is located near the National Park Parcul National Cheile...

Semenic Cheile Carasului National Park

Semenic Cheile Carașului National Park (Parcul Național Semenic - Cheile Carașului) is located in...
Brown Bear Romania

The natural beauties of Romania are magnificent and still host many wild animals!

Postavarul Massif Romania

The Postavarul Massif is part of the Eastern Carpathians and is located near the city of Brasov. It includes the Poiana Brasov ski resort and the rock formations of Solomons Mountain and Tampa Mountain.

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The mud volcanoes of Berca (Vulcanii Noroiosi) are a unique natural spectacle near the town of Buzau in Romania. The nature reserve consists of two parts Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici and is unique in the world.

Hiking Path Romania

Apuseni Nature Park is located in western Romania between the cities of Arad and Cluj Napoca. Here you will find forest-covered hills, caves and gorges. Here you can go hiking, cycling, climbing and more.

Eternal Flame

Eternal flame (Focul Viu) is called a unique natural spectacle that you can find near the town of Berca in Romania.