Scarisoara Ice Cave (Pestera) is one of the most impressive caves in the Parcul Natural Apuseni Nature Park in Romania. Located at an altitude of over 1100 meters, the cave is very impressive and the underground natural wonder is one of the attractions in Romania that you should have seen. Scarisoara Glacier Cave is also home to one of the largest underground glaciers in the world.

Scarisoara Ice Cave

welcome to Scarisoara Ice Cave

Scarisoara Ice Cave

You can reach the cave, for example, from Garda along the hiking trail marked with a red cross. By car you can reach the natural site via an asphalt road. At the “entrance” of the cave you can go down several staircases to reach the actual entrance. The large hall (Sala Biserica din Pestera Scarisoara) that you will see will amaze you. However, you can enter the cave only with expert guides and you should always have warm clothes and sturdy shoes, because it is cold in the cave. Here, due to special air currents, there is ice and ice stalactites all year round.

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Scarisoara Ice Cave

Location: Garda de Sus (46.49066242938766, 22.81126309205277)


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