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Diverse Facts & More of Romania: Romania is a country full of cultural & natural impressions, which also looks back on an eventful history. Learn more about the beautiful region in south-eastern Europe. Tips & information can be useful during your stay, when planning a trip or an excursion. For example, the map shows an overview of Romania’s charming landscape. You will find photos, stories, information, videos and more. Varoius topics and facts about the beautiful destination in Southeast Europe.

Diverse Facts & More of Romania

Eat and Drink

Eat and Drink

Eating and Drinking , Romania’s cuisine is diverse and characterised by many influences. It-s very tasty.

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Travel Guide

Travel Guide Romania

Travel guide Romania as an e-book. Here you will find a lot about the beautiful country of Romania and especially Transylvania in a compact form.

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Top 10 Highlights

Top 10 Highlights Romania

Romania offers numerous sights, highlights as well as natural sites. The top 10 include.

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Vlad Tepes Dracula

Dracula, vampires and scary stories somehow belong to Romania and are almost omnipresent in the country

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Diverse Facts & More of Romania

Mystic Ielele

Ielele is the name for a mystical being from Romanian folklore. They are considered mysterious and powerful. Ielele are often described as beautiful women with long flowing hair and bright eyes, who have the extraordinary ability to enchant people. (Mystic...


Romania has recorded solid economic growth in recent years and is therefore becoming increasingly interesting for investors. Growth rates of over 6 % in recent years are tempting. However, there have been and still are challenges for the emerging country in...

Prince Vlad Tepes III

In the 15th century, Vlad Tepes III was a prince in the region of Wallachia, part of present-day Romania. Vlad III ruled at a time characterized by wars. As he had his enemies impaled as a punishment and deterrent, he has since often been referred to as Vlad the...

The Real Dracula Castle

Tourists & travelers from all over the world still follow the traces of Dracula and other scary stories in Romania.If you are looking for Dracula's castle or home, you have to come to the right place in Romania, even though Dracula & vampires are present...

Porumbacu Treehouse

Porumbacu Treehouse is located in a small wooded garden near the village of Porumbacu de Sus. Here you can enjoy nature right from your bed. In the forest there are 4 hanging houses and another cottage. Behind the garden is the river Porumbacu. More nature is almost...

Dragonfly Gardens Urban Glamping

Dragonfly Gardens Urban Glamping Brasov offers accommodation in a well-kept garden in the middle of Brasov city. You'll sleep here in cozy tents on a comfortable bed. There is also a communal kitchen and dining area, where the breakfast buffet is also served. Of...

Resort Back to Nature

At Back to Nature Resort you can relax in wooden cottages. Each cottage also has its own terrace and a courtyard with deck chairs, hammock and barbecue. You'll love the warm and inviting atmosphere of the all-wood cottages. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without...

Diverse Facts & More of Romania

Transfagarasan Romania

Don’t miss the Transfagarasan pass road, which you’ve probably seen in car commercials.

Romania Travel Hints

The holiday season brings fun, joy and relaxation to millions of travellers every year. Travelling is easy today, isn’t it?

Vlad Tepes Dracula

Romanian personalities, the most famous is probably Vlad Tepes alias Dracula, but there are also famous poets and scientists.

Diverse Facts & More of Romania

Candles Witches

Witches (Romanian: Vrajitoare) have existed for thousands of years and opinions about witches and their power or even powers have differed for just as long.

Dracula´s Castles Romania

If you are looking for Dracula’s castle or his home, you have to come to the right place in Romania, even though there are traces of Dracula everywhere.

Romania Legends Tales

There are tales and legends in every country on earth and also in Romania, which is known for its vampire history and Dracula.

Map of Romania


Diverse Facts & More of Romania