Romanian personalities, from Romania come many world famous personalities (VIPs), who became famous with their works, deeds or words and some of them changed the world, technology, medicine. Among them are politicians, scientists, but also poets, writers, actors, composers and musicians. Probably the best known is the fictional film character Dracula, who was modeled on the ruler or prince Vald III Tepes Drăculea of Wallachia.

Romanian Personalities : Mihai Eminescu

Mihai Emeniscu Statue


Romanian Personalities

Vlad Tepes III Draculea ruler / prince from Sighișoara known for his atrocities (staking war enemies) and model for the novel character Dracula (about 1431- 1476)

Constantin Brancusi sculptor from Hobita known for his sculptures Gate of Kiss & Table of Silence in Targu Jiu (1876 – 1957)

Mihai Eminescu Poet & Lyricist from Ipotesti known for his work Poezii de dragoste: Versuri nemuritoare and many others (1850 – 1889).

Elie Wiesel from Sighetu Marmaţiei Nobel Peace Prize winner & writer known for his book The Trial of God (1928-2016)

György Ligeti composer from Târnăveni known for film music “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1923-2006)

Alexandra Stan singer from Constanta known for the song Mr. Saxobeat (1989-)

Edward G. Robinson Actor from Bucharest known for films such as “The Ten Commandments” (1893 – 1973)

Paul Goma Writer from Mana known for his open letter to the dictatorship rule in 1977 and works like Ostinato (1935-2020)

Gheorghe Marinescu Neurologist from Bucharest known for his Atlas on Pathomorphology (1863 – 1938)

Henri Marie Coandă physicist from Bucharest known for the discovery of the Coandă effect in aircraft technology (1886 – 1972)

George Enescu composer from Liveni Vîrnav known for the Romanian Rhapsody (1881 – 1955)


This is only a small and mixed selection of Romanian personalities VIP known far beyond the borders of Romania. Romania was not always one of the poorest countries in the European region. The country is still suffering from the consequences of the dictatorship, but it is on a good path and is also becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in Europe, because people around the world have realized what treasures are in Romania. The natural sites are priceless and the historical cities are really worth seeing. Thus, tourism is helping to bring Romania forward.

Romanian Personalities


Marcel Răducanu soccer player from Bucharest played among others for BVB Dortmund (1954- )