In Romania you will find numerous museums that display works of art from different eras as well as contemporary and traditional Romanian works from various fields. Furthermore, cultural-historical finds from an eventful past are shown. Which exhibits, works of art or objects the respective museum, art museum, museum of local history, textile museum, film museum, or natural history museum exhibits, please refer to the respective websites.

Museums in Romania

Museums in Romania



Some types of museums

Art museums

The term art is broad because art is diverse. The different areas of art include paintings, pictures, graphics, photographs, ceramics, sculptures made of a variety of materials as performing art. It also includes contemporary and traditional works from different regions, as well as international artists of today and history.


Folklore and history museums

These museums display everyday objects from a specific region. Like clothes, furniture, workplaces, tools, kitchen utensils and more.


Natural History Museums

Show objects and exhibits from natural history.


Science and technology museums

They show objects and exhibits from the field of technology and its development. In the region of the Lower Rhine you can find, among others, textile museums, mining museum and much more.


Photos of Museums

Many of Romania’s museums are located in magnificent buildings, such as the Palace of Culture Iasi or the Royal Palace Bucharest.