In the beautiful city of Craiova you can find several interesting museums. Among them are the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art, the Museum of History and others, which present exhibits from various fields and eras. You can explore the museums on your own or take part in guided tours, which are sometimes offered.

Museums in Craiova


Museum of Art (Muzeul de Artă Craiova)
Address: Calea Unirii nr.15, Craiova

Museum of Etnography (Casa Băniei – Muzeul Olteniei – secția de Etnografie)
Address: Strada Matei Basarab 16, Craiova

Museum of Natural Science (Muzeul Stiintele Naturii Oltenia)
Address: Strada Popa Șapcă 8, Craiova

District Museum (Muzeul Olteniei)
Address: Strada Madona Dudu 14, Craiova