The city of Craiova is located in the southwest of Romania in the Oltenia region and is one of the five largest cities in the country. In Craiova there are many historical and cultural sights as well as historical buildings. One of the most beautiful squares in Craiova is Mihai Viteazul Square (Piața Mihai Viteazul), where you can also find the beautiful City Hall (Palatul Primariei), as well as numerous historical buildings and the large fountain complex. Within the city, you can also find others worth seeing. Among the most important sights and places to visit in Craiova and its surroundings are the Memorial House of the artist Amza-Pellea and the fantastic park (Parcul Nicolae Romanescu). It is a large park where you can not only walk. Here you can also find historical sights like the old suspension bridge (Podul Suspendat) and the Enchanted Castle (Castelul Fermecat), as well as cafes and restaurants. Romanescu Park in Craiova is the third largest natural park in Europe and the largest urban green zone in Romania! You should also visit one of the city’s museums. For example, the Museum of Art (Muzeul de Artă Craiova), located in a magnificent building, or the Museum of Etnography (Casa Băniei – Muzeul Olteniei – secția de Etnografie) and the Museum of Natural History (Muzeul Stiintele Naturii Oltenia).


City of Craiova

Craiova offers many interesting sights and attractions. In addition to those already mentioned, there are numerous weieter. These include the Botanical Garden (Grădina Botanică Craiova) as well as park (Tineretului Park). As everywhere in Romania, Craiova has churches worth seeing and interesting. Among them are the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetrius, the Mantuleasa Church (Biserica Mantuleasa) and the Biserica Madona Dudu. You should also see the magnificent building of the Grand Hotel Minerva, where you can also dine. Of course, you can also stop at one of the other numerous restaurants. At Mihai Viteazul Square or at Parcul Nicolae Romanescu.

Highlights Craiova

  • Big Park (Parcul Nicolae Romanescu)
  • Enchanted castle(Castelul Fermecat)
  • Suspension bridge (Podul Suspendat)
  • Botanical Garden (Grădina Botanică Craiova)
  • Square Mihai Viteazul (Piața Mihai Viteazul)
  • Old City Hall (Palatul Primariei)
  • Fountain(Fântâna Muzicală)
  • Grand Hotel Minerva
  • Philharmonic (Filarmonica Oltenia)
  • Church (Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetrius)
  • Church (Biserica Mantuleasa)
  • Church (Biserica Madona Dudu)
  • Water Park (Craiova Water Park)
  • Park (Tineretului Park)
  • Museums of the city

City Guide Craiova

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Craiova is not only a city worth seeing, but also a good starting point to discover the sights of the region and its natural beauty. We recommend a trip to the monastery (Manastirea Cosuna ) , which is about 7 kilometers away. A little further away is the world-famous monastery Mănăstirea Hurezi, which is 120 kilometers away. There is also a center for ceramics. Another famous place is the Porţile de Fier Natural Park, where the Iron Gate is located and, not far away, the face of the debacle carved in stone. Also recommended is a trip to the Natural Park Parcul Național Domogled-Valea Cernei or to the Danube.


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