The impressive CEC Palace (Palatul CEC) is located on the picturesque Victory Street (Calea Victoriei) in the Romanian capital Bucharest. It is a landmark of the city and an impressive example of 19th century architecture. Designed by architect Paul Gottereau and built by architect Ion Socolescu, the foundation stone was laid in 1897.

CEC Palace

To this day, the CEC Bank (Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni) has its headquarters in this grandiose building and has been part of Romania’s history for 160 years. However, the museum on the history of banking, which opened in the palace in 2005, can only be visited as part of special guided tours or events. Nevertheless, the palace is one of Bucharest’s must-see sights.

CEC Palace (Palatul CEC)

Location: Calea Victoriei 13, Bucuresti Romania

Opening hours: Only as part of special tours or events


Welcome to Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest