Bucharest (Bucuresti) is the capital of Romania and with more than two million inhabitants (unofficially much more) also the largest city in the country. Bucharest is the political and economic center of Romania and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Bucharest is no longer an insider tip, but the Romanian city is not as overcrowded as other metropolises in Europe. You will find numerous cultural highlights, sights as well as a wide range of leisure activities and a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, and much more.

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Bucharest is pulsating with life. Take a seat in one of the numerous restaurants & cafes and enjoy life. You should also visit one of the many museums or galleries in the city. If you want to shop, you will find both modern shopping centers and traditional stores.

You can discover Bucharest on your own or during a guided tour. In Bucharest, I also recommend a sightseeing tour by double-decker bus, which stops at the main sights of the city. I myself prefer to explore cities on foot. Nevertheless, I did the city tour and it convinced me.

Discover Bucharest (Bucuresti)

Stroll through the streets of Bucharest’s old town (Lipscani district) and let your eyes wander. Often the old houses have beautiful facades with various decorations. Unfortunately, this is all too often lost in the hustle and bustle that prevails in Bucharest, especially on weekends. Magnificent buildings such as the building of the National Bank, the CEC Palace (Palatul-CEC), Sutu Palace (Palatul-Sutu), the courthouse (Curtea de Apel Bucuresti), the Old Prince’s Court (Curtea Veche), where Vlad Tepes (Dracula) is said to have resided, and the hospital (Coltea Hospital), on the other hand, stand out directly. Almost impossible to miss is the Palace of Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului) on Strada Izvor. The building is one of the largest administrative buildings in the world and one of the highlights of the city. Not far from the palace is already another attraction. The beautiful fountain complex (Fântânile din Piața Unirii din București) at Unirii Square is a must-see (it is illuminated in the evening). The times when the fountain show starts vary, it’s best to ask at the hotel or your host.

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Bucharest is known for its architectural mix. Here, historical buildings stand next to modern buildings as well as post-socialist buildings. But it is this mix that makes Bucharest interesting. Walk along Calea Victoriei, one of the most beautiful streets in Bucharest, where you can find the Cantacuzino Palace (Palatul Cantacuzino) and the National Museum (Muzeul Național de Istorie a Romaniei). A must for any visitor to the Romanian capital is also a visit to Revolution Square (Piata Revolutiei). Not far from Revolution Square is the Biserica Kretzulescu as well as the Athaeneum a beautiful building where concerts are held. Right next to the Triumphal Arch is the Parcul Regele Mihai I al Romaniei (Herastrau Park), where you can relax.

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The Lipscani district is worth seeing because of the numerous beautiful buildings, and at the same time the nightlife area in Bucharest. Restaurants, bars and cafes are lined up here. The food offered ranges from traditional Romanian dishes, kebab & pizza to international dishes and culinary delights. One of the most famous restaurants in Bucharest is Caru’ cu Bere on Strada Stavropoleos (https://www.carucubere.ro/). Also popular is the Hanul lui Manuc Inn (https://www.hanumanucrestaurant.ro) in a listed house on Strada Caldarari.

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Bucharest one of the European cities which should have seen. The Romanian Capital offersso much, you will be impressed.