The Romanian Athenaeum (Ateneul Roman) is located in the Romanian capital Bucharest and was built in the 19th century by the architect Albert Galleron, whereby several renovations gave the beautiful building its current appearance.

Romanian Athenaeum

Today, international concerts and concerts by the Romanian George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra ( take place in the large concert hall of this magnificent building. Outside of performance times, you can visit the impressive building at certain times. Opening times can be found on the website of FILARMONICA “GEORGE ENESCU” (however, visiting times may change depending on the rehearsal and event schedule). The building is also well worth seeing from the outside and you can get a great view from Calea Victoriei, one of the most beautiful streets in Bucharest.

Don’t miss out on one of the city’s most important cultural landmarks. And if you can get tickets for a concert, take the opportunity. The acoustics of the hall are often praised as some of the best in the world, making it a popular venue for renowned orchestras and musicians from all over the world. However, the Ateneul Român is not only a place for concerts, but also a symbol of Romania’s cultural identity. It is also often regarded as one of the most beautiful concert halls in Europe.

Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest

Location: Str. Benjamin Franklin nr.1-3, Bucharest
Opening hours: See website

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Welcome to Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest