Eerie places, Romania is world famous for Dracula and its vampire stories, and many a shiver runs down the spine when gruesome or bloodthirsty stories are told. You’ll find some of Romania’s creepiest places as we go on. There are also legends and reports about paranormal phenomena such as enchanted forests, cursed lakes or ghosts that haunt old buildings. The most famous person in Romania is probably Dracula alias Vlad Tepes, whose traces can be found especially in Transylvania.

Eerie places in Romania

Padurea Hoia Baciu (Baciu Forest), a forest area near the city of Cluj-Napoca, where paranormal phenomena are said to have occurred and which is one of the creepiest forests in the world.

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Rapa Diavolului (Devil’s Precipice), the so-called Devil’s Cliff is located near the village of Poiana Trestiei in the commune of Cosminele and it is said about it that here ghosts with human bodies and animal heads protect a treasure and a portal to another dimension is located.

Castelul Bran (Bran Castle), the Bran Castle is one of the most famous castles in Romania, because on the castle (castle) Vlad Tepes alias Dracula is said to have been. It is impressive and a very beautiful castle, however, it is also haunted by the ghosts and the lost souls of the people murdered by Vlad Tepes. It is also one of the most visited places in Romania and also Transylvania that you should have seen.

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Cetatea Poenari (Poenari Fortress), the castle Poenari was built by Vlad Tepes (Dracula) to the fortress and is today only a ruin, which is nevertheless very worth seeing. According to the stories, the castle is haunted by the ghost of Vlad Tepes’ wife, who is said to have thrown herself to her death out of fear of Turkish attackers, and since then her soul has never found peace.

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Castelul Corvinilor (Corvin Castle), the castle of Hunedoara in the town of the same name is one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Europe and also a hotspot for ghost hunters. Some visitors are said to have quickly left the castle out of fear. This is where Vlad Tepes is said to have been imprisoned in the dungeon and his ghost, as well as the ghosts of three murdered prisoners who were promised release if they built a well, but were murdered upon completion.

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Manastirea Rupestra Sinca Veche, the monastery with an underground temple is located in the eponymous village of Șinca Veche only 50 kilometres from Brasov and is a very special place, also called Templul Ursitelor (Temple of the Cursed). It is one of the oldest Romanian sights and more than 7000 years old. Some miracles are also said to have happened here. Your dreams can also come true here, provided you have a pure soul. But whether you believe in miracles or unexplainable phenomena, you should see this place because it is special and ancient.

Balta Vrajitoarelor (Witches Pond) is an eerie place near Bucharest in the Boldu-Creteasca forest area. Vlad Tepes is said to have been beheaded here and his blood poured into the pond. Animals avoid this small pond and do not drink the water. Witches are said to use the place for magical rituals. It is also reported that inexplicable lights appear here and strange forces are at work, which some visitors are said to have felt.

Lacul Dumbravita (Lake Dumbravita), is actually a beautiful lake near the city of Brasov, in which, however, people drown again and again, although bathing in the lake is prohibited. The locals say that the lake is cursed and that ghosts can be seen on the shores, especially during the new moon.

Cismigiu Hotel in Bucharest is a beautiful hotel that was built around 1912 and was initially very popular. In the 1990s, the hotel was used by the Academy of Film and Theatre as student accommodation. The student Neli Bejan unfortunately fell down the lift shaft at Christmas and died there in agony, as no one could hear her because all the other students had gone home. Since then, the ghost of the student is said to haunt the hotel and her cries for help can sometimes be heard at night.

Cerul straniu Boziuru (Skies of Boziuru), the sky above the town of Boziuru in Buzau County is unique and strange. The natural phenomenon confronts scientists with the question, why are the colours of the sky so strong in this place? Visitors to this place report intense feelings that overcame them here. There are also reports of mysterious disappearances of people and sudden failures of electronic devices.Also in this region is the Rock Hermitage.

Unheimliche Orte Rumänien

Legends and Tales

Romanian sagas and legends are also very interesting and often mysterious or eerie. There are many tales, for example, about enchanted forests, cursed lakes or ghosts haunting old buildings.

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