Poenari Castle is located in the area of Argeș. It is only a ruin, but it offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Moreover, it is certain that Vlad III the Impaler was here in the 15th century. Poenari Castle is not as crowded as Bran Castle, but still worth seeing. However, before you can enjoy the fantastic view of the surroundings and also of the Transfagarasan pass road, you have to climb over 1400 steps. It is also certain that Vlad Tepes III alias Dracula has been here.

Poenari Castle (Cetatea Poenari)

Castle Poenari

As is often the case in Romania, there is a legend about Poenari Castle. It is said that Vlad Tepes’ wife threw herself to her death from the walls of the castle and that the waters of the Arges River, which flows past the foot of the hill, turned red afterwards.

Photos of Poenari Castle (Cetatea Poenari)

Poenari Castle (Cetatea Poenari)

Location: Transfăgărășan, Arefu

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