There are many natural sites in Romania (Transylvania) for you to discover! These include the Solomons Rocks, Bucegi National Park, Piatra Craiului Nature Reserve, Bucegi Nature Park, Apuseni Nature Park and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, various lakes and many more.

The numerous hiking trails lead you through the species-rich national parks, nature reserves, around lakes or over mountains and offer you a wonderful journey through the fantastic nature of Romania.

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Even though very few hikers or tourists in Romania will ever see a snake, you should be prepared. If you are bitten by a snake, you should act quickly. If swelling develops and you experience circulatory problems or even collapse, you should seek medical attention as...

Sphinx and Babele

The rock formations Babele and Sphinx are located in the Bucegi National Park at an altitude of over 2000 meters and are impressive. You can reach the rock formations comfortably by cable car from the village of Busteni or in the summer months via one of the hiking...

Eternal Flame

Eternal flame (Focul Viu) is called a unique natural spectacle that you can find near the town of Berca in Romania. In this place, a flame has been flickering for centuries, probably fed by an underground gas reservoir that has a leak here. The area is unique and...


The Danube (Dunărea) is a river that flows through numerous European countries. In Romania, the Danube is a little more than 1000 kilometers long and forms a natural border with the neighboring countries of Serbia and Bulgaria in the south, and in the estuary delta...

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Romania is characterised by numerous nature parks, idyllic forests, mountain peaks, lakes and the sea.

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