The Bucegi Nature Park (Parcul Natural Bucegi) covers a vast area of the Southern Carpathians in Romania. There are numerous smaller nature reserves within the park. The highest peak of the Bucegi Mountains is the Omu at 2507 metres. The magnificent natural area invites you to go hiking, biking and in winter skiing. The Bucegi region is especially famous for the extraordinary rock formations Babele and Bucegi-Sphinx. No less magnificent, but man-made, is Caraiman Cross (Crucea Caraiman) on Caraiman Peak. Cascada Caraiman, Lacul Bolboci as well as the waterfall Cascada 7 Izvoare and waterfall Cascada Moara Dracului are also popular hiking destinations in Bucegi Nature Park. The nature park can be reached, for example, from the towns of Busteni or Sinaia, both of which lie on the railway line between Brasov and Bucharest and also have cable cars (Telecabina).

Bucegi National Park (Parcul Natural Bucegi)

Bucegi Nature Park

Those who want to explore the natural beauty of the Bucegi Nature Park can choose from a variety of hiking trails with different levels of difficulty.
Whether it is a day trip or a tour lasting several days, Bucegi is prepared for hikers and the paths are well marked. In winter, however, many hiking trails are closed. At this time, the Bucegi Mountains are a paradise for skiers, who will find numerous slopes and cable cars as well as ski lifts. More on this in the chapter Winter Paradise Romania.
Starting points for tours in the Bucegi Nature Park are, among others, the towns of Busteni and Sinaia, each of which has a cable car (Telecabina) that will take you up to the heights.

The Telecabina Coto 1400 & Coto 2000 in Sinaia will take you up to the Platoul Bucegi.
The Busteni telecabina takes you up to the Sphinx and the Babele rock formation.

Hiking Trails:

  • Busteni – Cascada Urlatoarea
  • Busteni Jepii Mici – Babele
  • Coto 2000- Caraiman-Kreuz (Traseu Montan Crucea Eroilor Caraiman)
  • Sinaia – Coto 1400 – Coto 2000

There are 4 main routes in the nature park, which are divided into smaller tour sections:

  • Sinaia – Busteni
    Marking: Red ribbon on white background
    Walking times: depending on route section
  • Sinaia – Rasnov
    Marking: Blue ribbon on white background
    Walking times: depending on route section
  • Pucheni – Busteni
    Marking: Blue cross on white background
    Walking times: depending on route section
  • Busteni – Şaua Vf. Cu Dor
    Marking: Yellow ribbon on white background
    Walking times: depending on route section

Fotos Naturpark Bucegi (Parcul Natural Bucegi)

With numerous peaks over 2000 metres high, the Bucegi Nature Park attracts thousands of tourists to the region every year. For here you will find pure nature including rugged rock formations, idyllic forests, mountain plateaus, waterfalls, caves and more. The Bucegi Nature Park is also known for its flora and fauna, and the dense forests are also home to wild animals such as the brown bear and lynx. On the beautiful mountain plateaus Cota 1400 & Cota 2000 in Sinaia you can enjoy the beautiful view while having a picnic.

Babele & Sphinx rock formations are the highlights of Bucegi Nature Park.

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Bucegi Nature Park (Parcul Natural Bucegi)

Location: Kreis Prahova

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