Eat Drink ,Romania’s cuisine is diverse and has many influences. I tried many traditional dishes and always liked them. You should try Tochitura, a kind of goulash made of meat and sausage, as well as Mamaliga (corn porridge) and a very special cheese. You should also try mici, sarmale or the dessert papanasi. If you like cakes and pies, Romania is also the place to be.

Eat and Drink

Eat and Drink

Did you know that many health waters sold throughout Europe come from Romania? I didn’t. There are several types of mineral water. My favourite is Aqua Carpatica, but the other types, such as Bucovina or Dorna, are also excellent and quench your thirst, especially in summer when it gets hot in Romania. Not to forget the delicious wine and there are also different types of beer.

Photos of traditional Dishes

Eat and Drink

If you like cakes, pies or pastries, Romania is the place to be. There are bakers selling cakes and pastries on every other corner. They are very tasty. Pastry shops are also recommended, offering small tarts and many sweet delicacies.

Romanian Cuisine

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Eat and Drink

In Romania you will be happy about the food. But the wine and beer are also delicious. And there are plenty of mineral waters to quench your thirst.

Photos Eat and Drink

Eat and Drink

You can eat and drink in one of the many restaurants or snack stands, and even in many large supermarkets there is a food area. Some supermarkets also have hot counters where you can take your food home. I recommend the grilled chicken from the Carrefour supermarket. For a snack in between, there are small bakeries that sell sandwiches, pizza and more.

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Eat and Drink Romania