Witches (Romanian: Vrajitoare) have been around for thousands of years and opinions about witches and their magic or powers have been divergent for long. Some say it’s all mumbo jumbo, others are afraid of witches’ magic and still others take advantage of witches’ help. Moreover, the reputation of witches and magicians has often changed in the past. They were revered but also persecuted. The worst was probably in the Middle Ages, when many witches were burned at the stake. At that time it was fear, as witches and their art were blamed for negative things like famines and epidemics, which were demonstrably not in the witches’ power. However, the persecution of witches was also exploited and misused for personal and political purposes. But despite all the persecutions in the past, the knowledge and rituals of the witches have survived until today.

Witches (romanian: Vrajitoare)

Candles Witches


Rituals, magic spells and magic potions are diverse and have different aims. Often the aim is to help people. To this day, witches use their knowledge of plants, berries, herbs and their effects and characteristics. Furthermore, there are rituals that have been used since time immemorial to make people’s wishes come true. Witches also exist all over the world. However, the witches from Romania are particularly well known. They have passed on their knowledge and the art of witchcraft for generations and even survived the communist era, when it was forbidden to practise. The position of the witches and their reputation is special in Romania and also in other countries of the world until today. One could say that some are afraid of them and their witchcraft, many doubt the witches’ gift, but more and more are grateful to the witches for their help and support.

Simplified, witchcraft can be divided into black and white magic. However, the methods, rituals, spells and potions of witches are complex, individual and diverse, and individually adapted to the concerns of the people who visit a witch for support. Sometimes illnesses and other sufferings are the reasons for a visit to a witch. Depending on the illness, however, many witches then also advise a visit to adoctor, because even if their knowledge of healing herbs is ancient, they do not have an herb or potion ready for every illness. Often people come to them because of emotional pain, such as love pain or problems with their partner. The practices of a modern witch also include defensive or protective spells. Curses on a person or a place are classified as black magic. The removal of a curse, on the other hand, belongs to white magic. In short, white magic is used to bring about positive changes. But the boundaries between the two types are blurred. However, both have one thing in common; occult knowledge in all its facets is old and partly based on rituals that are thousands of years old. Some witches can also see into the future or clairvoyance or read cards.

Among the most famous witches in the world who come from Romania are the witches of one family. There, from grandmother to granddaughter, they are all witches, and they have been initiated over the years into the most diverse rituals and practices of witchcraft. Their success is proven and they are respected worldwide.

Grandmother: Vrajitoarea Bratara Buzea, she writes: “Your life will change from bad to good” if you contact her.



Mother: Vrajitoarea Mihaela Minca : She is probably one of the most powerful witches in the world, nevertheless a very faithful woman.


Daughter: Vrajitoare – Prezicatoare Casanndra Buzea: Witch & fortune teller “for each person who comes to her, she makes an individual ritual”


Daughter: Vrajitoare – Prezicatoare Anda Mihaiela: Witch & fortune teller “for each person who comes to her, she makes an individual ritual”



Even if it sometimes seems strange and odd to outsiders, one should never forget that witchcraft is about traditional rituals and processes that should be viewed with respect, no matter how one thinks of them. Witches are also people with special skills who have received a long training. It is also said that you cannot become a witch, you are born a witch. Rituals should be left to the professionals, i.e. witches, healers and voodoo priests, so as not to draw anything negative on yourself. To regard it as just a fun thing to try out seems disrespectful, if only because of the long tradition.


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