The Danube (Dunărea) is a river that flows through numerous European countries. In Romania, the Danube is a little more than 1000 kilometers long and forms a natural border with the neighboring countries of Serbia and Bulgaria in the south, and in the estuary delta with the Republic of Ukraine. However, the river is not only a border, but also an important transport route, source of life, as well as home to various fish and animals. On the Danube are also numerous cities such as Drobeta Turnu Severin, Giurgiu, Braila, Galati and Tulcea. Also worth mentioning is the old fishing village (pirate village) of Sulina, located in the Danube Delta. And the large Black Sea port in Constanta is connected to the Danube by a canal (Canalul Dunăre – Marea Neagră)and is an important transport route.

Danube river on Romanian territory

Danube Romania

However, along the Danube there are also numerous and unique natural beauties. The best known is certainly the Danube Delta, which is also called a natural paradise. Of particular beauty is also the so-called Danube basin between the towns of Dubova and Orsava. It is only a small section of the Danube, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. Here you can find vertical limestone walls that seem to rise from the water of the Danube. Along the Danube you will also find numerous nature reserves. The so-called Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier) in Romania is a great nature reserve with spectacular sights and fantastic natural beauty along the course of the river. The Danube Delta (Delta Dunarii) and the Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier) are unique in the world and are among the most beautiful reserves you can experience in Europe.


The banks of the Danube also offer a variety of recreational opportunities. At numerous places you can go fishing, experience boat trips, have a picnic or just go for a walk as well as enjoy the sun on the beach. River cruises and boat trips on the Danube are also very popular. The offer is diverse and ranges from a one-hour boat trip to day trips to several days of cruises on cruise ships.

The Danube on Romanian territory can be divided into different sections.

  • The Lower Danube (Dunărea) refers to the entire Danube on Romanian territory from the Serbian border to the mouth into the Black Sea. (i.e. approximately from the city of Baziaș to Tulcea or Sulina).
  • The Danube Gorge (Clisura Dunării ) is the name given to the section of the Danube that stretches from the town of Moldova Noua to the town of Gura Văii.
  • The Danube Cauldrons (Cazanele Dunării) is only a small section of the Danube, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. This section of the Danube is located between the towns of Dubova and Orsava. Here are also numerous attractions, such as the 55-meter-high statue of Decebalus carved in stone.
  • The Danube Delta (Delta Dunarii) is probably one of the most beautiful natural paradises in Europe and begins just behind the city of Tulcea, where the Danube divides into several larger river arms (Chiliaarm, Sulinaarm, Gheorghe Arm ), from which in turn numerous small river arms branch off.