The statue of Decebalus (Chipul lui Decebal) is located in the Iron Gate Nature Park and shows the face of the king of the Dacian people who lived in what is now Romania. The statue, 55 meters high, was carved into the rock on the bank of the Danube River and is now one of Romania’s attractions that you should have seen. On the statue, Decebal wears a beard and a headdress that emphasizes his royal dignity. The statue is located in the so-called Danube Cauldron (Cazanele Dunării), which is only a small section of the Danube, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. This section of the Danube is located between the towns of Dubova and Orsava and is situated in the beautiful Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier) .

Statue of Decebalus

Statue of Decebalus


The best way to see the statue of Decebalus is from the river. Boat trips depart from the towns of Orsava and Drobeta-Turnu, among others. There are also hiking trails in the Iron Gate Nature Park along the Danube basin, from which you can have a look at the statue. A good viewpoint is also located on the national road DN57 at the bridge (Pod Decebal), which is about 17 kilometers from the town of Orsava. This section of the Danube basin is also called Cazanele Mici.

In the 9 kilometer long Danube Cauldrons (Cazanele Danurii) there are also other places of interest, including the Mraconia Monastery, located on the banks of the Danube, and the Ponicova Cave, which is the largest cave in the gorge at over 1600 meters, and can be reached both by boat and by land.Man-made is the dam of the hydroelectric power plant (Iron Gate I), which is located on the eastern edge of the nature park. You should not miss a boat trip. The view of the surroundings from the river is magnificent. In some places the vertical limestone walls seem to rise from the water of the Danube.