The Danube River flows on Romanian territory from the Romanian-Serbian border near the city of Baziaş to the mouth into the Black Sea near the city of Tulcea or the former pirate village of Sulina. On the Danube you can take different boat trips. These include cruises of several days as well as private day trips or only round trips of 1 or 2 hours or kayak tours. But no matter which boat tour you choose, boat tours, cruises or even private boat tours as well as ferry crossings change the perspective. Even though the Danube has a high flowing speed in many sections, the speed on ships is rather slow. On board you can therefore slow down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the natural beauty and attractions on the banks of the river. In the following you will find some information about boat tours and tour providers, as well as about numerous beautiful places on the Danube that you can visit.

Danube river on Romanian territory

Danube Romania


However, the Danube River is also home to numerous and unique natural beauties. The best known is certainly the Danube Delta, which is also called a natural paradise. Of particular beauty is also the so-called Danube basin between the towns of Dubova and Orsava. It is only a small section of the Danube, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. Here you can find vertical limestone walls that seem to rise from the water of the Danube. Along the Danube you will also find numerous nature reserves. The so-called Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier) in Romania is a great nature reserve with spectacular sights and fantastic natural beauty along the course of the river. The Danube Delta (Delta Dunarii) and the Iron Gate Nature Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier) are unique in the world and are among the most beautiful reserves you can experience in Europe.


Danube boat tours

One of the most popular types of tours on the Danube are river cruises. You can start these from different big cities in Romania or even other countries and experience them all the way to the Black Sea. These cruises take you through picturesque landscapes, where there are also many historical sights. What the respective tours offer and what service, equipment and comfort you get on the individual cruise ships, that is very different. You have a choice between several tours and providers.

The most famous boat trips on the Danube will take you through the 9 kilometer long Danube Cauldrons (Cazanele Dunării), where there is also the 55 meter high statue of Debecalus, carved into a rock on the Danube. This section belongs to the Lower Danube and is part of the Iron Gate Natural Park (Parcul Natural Porțile de Fier). To see the natural beauties from the river, you can choose between different tours. For example, numerous boat trips depart from the jetties at Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918 of the city of Orșova. Another starting point for boat tours on this stretch of the Danube is the port of the town of Drobeta-Turnu (Port Drobeta-Turnu Severin). You can take private tours with chartered boats as well as one of the regularly departing boat tours with larger excursion ships. The destinations of these tours include, as already mentioned, the magnificent Danube basin with its steep slopes and sights. Among them are the rock-cut statue of Debecalus (Chipul lui Debecal), the Roman stone tablet (Tabula Traiana), the monastery (Manastirea Mraconai ) and not to forget the dams of the hydroelectric power plants.

Danube boat tours

Boat trips to the Danube Delta (Delta Dunării) are a great experience, especially for nature lovers, starting for example from the city of Tulcea. You should have seen this unique natural paradise. There are several boat tours to choose from. For example, there are regular excursion boats from Tulcea to Sulina or Crisan. You can also charter an excursion boat that will take you to the smaller arms of the river. You can explore the Danube Delta almost silently during a kayak tour. There are numerous providers. You can choose between different tours and providers. Whether a few hours or several days, that’s up to you. But no matter what you choose, you will be thrilled by this natural paradise, which is unique in the world. The Danube Delta should be on every bucket list.

Private boat tours or community tours on the Danube in Romania are a unique way to experience the beauty and history of the different regions in a very special way. You can choose from different providers and tours. Private tours have the advantage that the tours can be tailored to your interests and needs.

The great river Danube offers not only boat trips but also various recreational opportunities on its banks. In some places you can go fishing, water skiing, walking or have a picnic. In addition, there are many worth seeing cities and sights on the banks of the Danube.