Top 10 Bucharest is a city worth visiting in Romania with numerous old buildings and a beautiful city hall square. Among the highlights of the city that you should have seen are the following sights, including churches, historical buildings, museums and more. In Bucharest you will find the imposing Palace of Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului), one of the largest and heaviest buildings in the world. Discover also the historical Revolution Square (Piata Revolutiei) with its buildings and monuments worth seeing. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the illuminated fountain Fantanile din Piata Unirii, which creates a magical atmosphere, especially in the evening. The triumphal arch Arcul de Triumf is also impressive. The Royal Palace (Palatul Regal) now houses an art museum and is another place you should not miss. Relax in the beautiful royal park Parcul Regele Mihai I, where you can even take a boat trip on Lake Herastrau. The Atheneul Roman Athenaeum is another architectural gem in Bucharest and is now used as a concert hall. The historic CEC Palace (Palatul CEC) in the Old Town is a great building that you should also visit. The Lipscani district (Raionul Lipscani) is not only a popular neighborhood with historical buildings, but also with numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. The city’s museums also include the Cantacuzino Palace. Book your trip to Romania now and enjoy the beauty of this fascinating city!

Bucharest Top 10

Palace of Parliament

Palatul Parlamentului (Palace of Parliament)

Palatul Parlamentului (Palace of Parliament), one of the largest and heaviest buildings in the world, which you must see.

Revolution Square

Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square)

Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square) is a historical place with buildings and monument worth seeing.

Fountain Bucharest

Fantanile din Piata Unirii (Fountain)

Fantanile din Piata Unirii (Fountain) is a beautiful fountain complex in Buakrest, which is illuminated in the evening.

Arch of Triumph

Arcul de Triumf (Arch of Triumph)

Arcul de Triumf (Arch of Triumph), the mighty structure already impresses with its size and is a popular photo motif.

Royal Palace

Palatul Regal (Royal Palace)

Palatul Regal (Royal Palace), the magnificent building now houses an art museum.

Bucharest Top 10

Royal Park

Parcul Regele Mihai I (Royal Park)

Parcul Regele Mihai I (Royal Park) a beautiful park, where you can also find the Herastrau Lake, where you can make a boat trip.


Atheneul Roman (Athenaeum)

Atheneul Roman (Athenaeum) a beautiful building in Bucharest, now used as a concert hall.

CEC Palace

Palatul CEC (CEC Palace)

Palatul CEC (CEC Palace) is a great historical building in Bucharest’s Old Town that you should have seen.

Lipscani Bucuresti

Raionul Lipscani (Lipscani district)

Raionul Lipscani (Lipscani district) one of the most popular districts of Bucharest, where there are numerous historical buildings, but also various restaurants, bars and cafes.

Palatul Cantacuzino

Palatul Cantacuzino (Cantacuzino Palace)

Palatul Cantacuzino Bucuresti (Cantacuzino Palace) is just one of the magnificent buildings that house one of the numerous museums of the city of Bucharest. It is located on Calea Victoriei, which houses the Muzeul George Enescu Museum.