Ielele is the name for a mystical being from Romanian folklore. They are considered mysterious and powerful. Ielele are often described as beautiful women with long flowing hair and bright eyes, who have the extraordinary ability to enchant people. (Mystic Ielele)

However, they are not limited to their seductive arts, they are also protective and helpful beings who rush to the aid of people in need. Occasionally, Ielele also take the form of a white dog. Ielele are also endowed with various abilities, including supernatural ones. In addition to their enchanting powers, they have healing powers and can transform into other forms. Moreover, they are closely connected with nature, and are among the most diverse and fascinating figures in Romanian folklore.

Short Novel “Ielele”

Ielele, a mystical, good-natured creature in the form of a beautiful woman, comes to the aid of the traveler Tom. Who is on his way through the beautiful landscapes of Transylvania!

Short Novel Ielele

Tales and Legends

Romania is considered the land of fairy tales and legends. There are tales about enchanted forests, cursed lakes or ghosts that haunt old buildings.