Romania has beautiful cities, some of which have world-famous landmarks. Numerous historic city centers are also part of the Unesco World Cultural Heritage. In most cities there are large and small squares (rum.: Piata) where life pulsates. Take your time for your city trip in Romania. Besides the famous sights, sometimes it is the small squares, a cafe or the facade of an old building that will catch your attention.
How you want to discover each city is up to you. Nevertheless, I recommend to discover smaller cities as well as the old towns of the larger metropolises on foot and on your own. Interesting are also city tours, where you learn interesting facts about the city and its history. In the larger cities there are also city tours by bus, which I recommend especially in Bucharest and Constanta. The hop-on hop-off option allows you to set your own priorities.

Best Cities Romania

Best Cities Romania

Romania’s cities are bustling with life. Here you can walk through streets steeped in history, visit numerous museums and art galleries or discover the diverse sights of the cities. But you will also find numerous oases of peace when you need a break. Romania’s cities are known for their beautiful parks. Among other things, you should visit the many sights. Among them are castles, palaces and other landmarks and historical buildings. The museums of each city are also interesting. If you want to go shopping, you will find both modern shopping centers and traditional stores and markets. What you should not miss is to enjoy the Romanian hospitality with a tasty meal in one of the numerous restaurants & cafes or their terraces.

How to get to Romania

You can easily reach Romania by plane. Besides Bucharest, the airport in Sibiu, Cluj or Iasi and Brasov can be easily reached from Germany and other European countries. Within Romania you can either rent a car or use the Romanian train.

You can also travel by train. There are many direct connections from Austria, for example.