Suceava is one of the oldest cities in Romania and worth seeing. The landmark of the city is the medieval castle (Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei), which today also houses an exhibition of medieval weapons, household utensils and decorative motifs, as well as multimedia information. One of the oldest buildings in the city is the medieval inn (Hanul Domnesc), which today houses the Ethnographic Museum. No less impressive is the Monastery Church (Manastirea “Sfantul Ioan cel Nou” de la Suceava) which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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City of Suceava


Worth seeing and known for its numerous ancient artifacts is the church Biserica Sfantul Gheorghe Mirauti. Other attractions include the city’s planetarium (Observatorul Astronomic) and the open-air museum Muzeul Satului Bucovinean. Suceava is also a good starting point for day trips, such as to the famous monasteries of Bukovina, which impress with unique paintings.

Highlights Suceava

  • Medieval fortress (Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei)
  • Monastery (Manastirea „Sfantul Ioan cel Nou” de la Suceava)
  • Medieval Inn (Hanul Domnesc)
  • Historic Villages (Comuna Ciocanesti)
  • Open Air Museum ( Muzeul Satului Bucovinean)
  • Equestrian statue (Statuia ecvestra a lui Stefan cel Mare din Suceava)
  • City Park (Parcul Central din Suceava)
  • Observatory (Observatorul Astronomic)
  • Church (Biserica Sfantul Gheorghe Mirauti)
  • Museums in Suceava
  • Monasteries of Bucovina (Bucovina Manasterii)

Outside the city

  • Manastirea Dragomirna
  • Manastirea Putna
  • Salina Cacica

Suceava City Guide

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul Judetean de Informare Turistica InfoTurism Suceava
    Address: Str. Stefan cel Mare 36, Suceava

Photos of Suceava

Of course, in the vicinity of Suceava there are also nature parks where you can go hiking. One of the most famous hiking routes is the TransRaraul route, many other routes are located in the Rodna Mountains (Muntii Rodneii), where you can ski even in winter. Also popular is the Parcul Natural Vanatori Neamt and the Vatra Dornei region. However, most tourists come to Suceava because of the magnificent Bucovina monasteries.


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