The Cacica Salt Mine (Salina Cacica) is one of the oldest salt mines in Europe and a place you should have seen. Today, the Cacica Salt Mine is a popular tourist attraction for the whole family, where a constant temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius prevails. Behind the entrance, a wooden staircase leads you down to the various passages and to a depth of 44 meters. At a depth of about 29 meters you will find the Chapel of St. Varvara and at a depth of 44 meters you will find the so-called Ballroom. It is also worth mentioning the Solesee. You should also know that the mine is still in operation today and therefore you may be affected by smells from the machines. At the end of your tour you can also buy salt from the mine, which is in demand worldwide.

Cacica Salt Mine

Cacica Salt Mine


Photos of Cacica Salt Mine 

Cacica Salt Mine (Salina Cacica)

Location : Cacica 727095, Rumänien