The city of Sighisoara is a must-see for any traveler. The Romanian city is one of the most worth seeing medieval cities in Europe and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, which shows the importance of the place. And as so often in Transylvania, there are traces of Dracula (Vlad III) in Sighisoara. Here stands the birthplace of Prince Vlad Tepes (also called the Impaler), who is said to have served as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”. The landmark of Sighisoara, on the other hand, is the 64-meter high Clock Tower (Turnul cu ceas) on Strada Turnului. . Take your time and climb the tower, because from the top you have a beautiful view of the historic old town.

Discover Sighisoara


Discover Sighisoara


Turnul cu ceas (Clock Tower) was part of the former fortification, which also included the Tailor’s Tower (Turnul croitorilor), the Tin Tower (Turnul cositorarilor), the Blacksmith’s Tower (Turnul fierarilor) and others, where in the past the craft guilds had their headquarters. Not far from the medieval clock tower (Turnul cu ceas) stands the old monastery church (Biserica Mănăstirii) on Strada Cetății and the house where Vlad Tepes (Dracula) was born on Museum Square (Piața Muzeului). If you want to look the impaler in the eye, you can see the statue of Vlad Tepes. Another must-see is the covered staircase (Scara acoperită), which takes you up 150 steps to the Mountain Church (Biserica din Deal) with its 500-year-old frescoes.

Highlights Sighisoara

  • Old Town (Centrul Istoric)
  • Clock Tower(Turnul cu ceas)
  • Historic defense towers(Turnuri)
  • Covered staircase (Scara acoperită)
  • Hillside church (Biserica din Deal)
  • Municipality building(Primăria Municipiului)
  • Birthplace Vlad Tepes III (Dracula)
  • Old monastery church (Biserica Manastirii)
  • Trinity Church (Biserica Sfanta Treime)
  • Castle Square (Piata Cetatii)
  • Bust Vlad Tepes (Dracula)
  • Nature reserve(Rezervatia de stejari seculari de pe platoul Breite)

Sighisoara City Guide

Nützliche Adressen

  • Tourist Info –
    Adresse: Str. Octavian Goga 8, Sighisoara &  Strada Turnului 1, Sighișoara (Piata Muzelui)

Discover Sighisoara

Also worth seeing is the building of the city administration (Primaria Municipiului Sighisoara). In short, keep your eyes open in Sighisoara, because there is a beautiful building on almost every corner. You can explore the historic city center on foot, as all the sights are close together. Moreover, it is not possible for tourists to drive there by car. However, there are small cabin scooters (TukTuk) that can drive through the alleys of the old town.

Photos of Sighisoara

Discover Sighisoara

Come to Sighisoare early and plan an overnight stay. In the morning the city is still empty and in the evening the illuminated buildings offer a very special atmosphere. A must is to buy a souvenir in Sighisoara. Numerous stalls in the historic fortification as well as all around offer a wide range of knickknacks. Among them are T-shirts, of course, with Dracula motifs, as well as ceramics, watches, sunglasses, bags and leather goods, often decorated with motifs of Vlad Tepes. Some will say that this is all junk. But this junk keeps numerous families alive. Because still Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and tourists are a source of income. From my own experience, I can say that the prices are moderate.

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Sighisoara is geared towards tourists. There are numerous cafes & restaurants in the historic old town as well as around the castle complex. Hotels and guesthouses of various categories are also available. The Hotel Restaurant Imperial Sighisoara is recommended. It is located near the old town and from the bridge (Strada Gheorghe Lazar), which you have to cross, you have a wonderful view of the castle complex.

Weather Sighisoara

Transylvania is a historic part of Romania

Welcome to Transylvania

The city of Sighisoara is located in the historic region of Transylvania!

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