Botosani is a beautiful city in Romania, whose historical center (Piata 1 Decembrie 1918) is very worth seeing due to numerous old buildings. Among them are, for example, the Bolfosu House (Casa Bolfosu) from around 1800, the Ventura House (Casa Ventura), which today houses the city’s philharmonic orchestra, as well as the Sofian House , a historical monument from the 19th century, and many others. Almost unique are the historic vaulted cellars, which in the past served as warehouses.

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Welcome to Botosani

You should also visit one of the numerous churches & monasteries in Botosan, including the monastery “Manastirea Popauti”, the Orthodox church Biserica ortodoxa “Sfanta Parascheva” or the Catholic church Biserica romano-catolica “Nasterea Sfantului Ioan Botezatorul” from the 19th century. You can take a break or go for a walk in the Parcul “Mihai Eminescu”, among others. Just stroll through the streets and alleys of Botosani, the city where many Romanian personalities come from, such as Mihai Eminescu, the most important poet of the country. On the to-do list of many tourists is also a visit to one of the museums of the city of Botosani. Furthermore, numerous events attract visitors from near and far to the city. In June, for example, the folklore music festival (Festivalul National de Muzica Folk).

Highlights Botosani

  • Historical Center (Centrul Vechi Botosani)
  • Teatrul Mihai Eminescu Botosani
  • Parcul Mihai Eminescu
  • Filarmonica Botosani
  • Parcul Policlinicii
  • Casa Memoriala “Nicolae Iorga”
  • Bolfosu-Haus (Casa Bolfosu)
  • Folk music festival (Festivalul National de Muzica Folk).
  • Churches & Monasteries  (Biserici Mănăstiri)
  • Museums (Muzeele)

Botosani City Guide

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul National de Informare si Promovare Turistica
    Address: Piata 1 Decembrie 1918 4, Botosani

Photos of Botosani

Outside the city of Botosani are other attractions such as the Castelul Melik, of which only ruins remain and is also said to be haunted. In full splendor, however, shines the monastery Manastirea Agafton and also the monastery Sihastria Voronei. If you are looking for nature, you should visit one of the nature reserves. The bird sanctuary Lacul Stanca near Costesti or the protected area Rogojesti – Bucecea or the tree reserve Arinișul de la Horlaceni.

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Map of Botosani

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Map of Botosani

Historical Center (Centrul Vechi Botosani)

  • Ciomac-Cantemir-House (Casa Ciomac Cantemir)
  • Silion-House (Casa Silion)
  • Goilav-House (Casa Goilav)
  • Bolfosu-House ( Casa Bolfosu)
  • Ventura-House (Casa Ventura)
  • Sofian-House (Casa Sofian)
  • Buicliu-House (Casa Buicliu)
  • Ciulei-House( Casa Ciulei )
  • more

Churches Monasteries

  • Manastirea Popauti, Botosani
  • Biserica ortodoxă “Sfânta Parascheva”
  • Biserica romano-catolica „Nasterea Sfantului Ioan Botezatorul”
  • Biserica Sfantul Gheorghe
  • Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului
  • Manastirea Agafton
  • more

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The city of Botosani is located in the historic region of Moldova!