Timisoara is a city worth seeing in the west of Romania, which was chosen as the European Capital of Culture, and for good reason. Because the city is particularly worth seeing at the Piata Victoriei with the Catedrala Mitropolitana Ortodoxa as well as at the Piata Unirii, where numerous beautiful buildings, such as the Palatul Brück or the Catedrala Sfantul Gheorghe din Timisoara (Cathedral), are located. There are also numerous restaurants on whose terraces people enjoy the evenings, especially in summer. Timisoara is the third largest city in Romania, where different cultures have lived together for generations, which has shaped the city culturally as well as culinary.

Discover Timisoara


The city center invites you to stroll, linger and enjoy. Here you can walk through historical streets with beautiful old buildings, take a seat in one of the restaurants or restaurant terraces and enjoy a good meal or just a coffee. If you want to shop you will find numerous stores and in the Iulius Mall a huge range of stores.

Highlights Timisoara

  • Square (Piata Unirii)
  • Cathedral (Catedrala Sfantul Gheorgh)
  • Church (Episcopia Ortodoxa Sarba)
  • Square (Piata Victoriei)
  • Cathedral (Catedrala Mitropolitana Ortodoxa)
  • Church (Biserica Inaltarea Sfintei Cruci Piarista)
  • Castle (Castelul Huniade)
  • Monument (Monumentul Ostasului Necunoscut)
  • Park (Parcul Central Anton von Scudier)
  • Park (Parcul Civic)
  • Timisoara Fortress (Bastionul Maria Theresia)
  • Theatre (Teatrul National)
  • Ilius Mall
  • Museums

Timisoara City Guide

Usefull Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centre Centrul de Informare Turistica
    Location: Str. Alba Iulia nr. 2, Timisoara
    Internet: https://www.timisoara-info.ro/

Photos of Timisoara

In any case, you should visit Piata Unirii and Piata Victoriei squares. In one of the parks & gardens you can take a break. A boat trip on the Bega Canal is also relaxing. You can explore the city on your own and on foot or during one of the guided tours offered. Large parts of the city center are pedestrian zones. On the squares and in the parks of the city there are also numerous events, especially on the Piata Victoriei. Whether jazz events, Christmas markets, New Year’s concerts or theater festivals, the events are varied. Come to Timisoara the Capital of Culture 2023.

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