Come to Romania and immerse yourself in a country full of history, culture, monuments, natural beauty and much more. Romania is a place you will love. Whether it’s a beach vacation, a hiking vacation, a family vacation or a city break, Romania has it all. In addition, Romania is a great place for skiing and snowboarding vacations in the winter. Romania is also a destination in Europe at any time of the year.


Destination Romania


Romania is a great place to visit and is one of the best destinations in Europe. This is the place where Graf Dracula and the vampires were born, but Romania offers much more than just spooky stories. Romania is pulsating with life.

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Things to Do in Romania

  • Walk through streets steeped in history.
  • Visit museums, art galleries or memorials!
  • Fall in love with the beauty of Romanian nature!
  • Feel the spirituality of the churches and monasteries!
  • Enjoy the traditional Romanian food!

Highlights Romania


Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, which includes the counties of Alba, Bistrita, Brasov, Cluj, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mures as well as Sibiu. Transylvania is certainly the most famous region of Romania, . Here tourists & travelers...

Dracula Vlad Tepes

Transylvania is certainly the best-known region of Romania, and is also known as Transylvania. Here you will find numerous sights and natural sites. But let's be honest, don't you think of Dracula first when you hear the word Transylvania? So it's no wonder that...