A Tiroliana is one of the most popular leisure activities and is also known as a zip line and is a type of rope slide. Suspended from a rope, you glide, some also say fly, from one point to another, crossing breathtaking landscapes (lake, valley, forest or gorge) at high speed along the route, secured by a harness attached to the zipline. However, the length and height of each zipline varies. But the thrill remains and that is what makes ziplines so popular. This type of leisure activity is suitable for adrenaline junkies and families alike, although there are special safety regulations. In most cases, people over a certain height (weight) are only allowed to use the Tirolina. But as soon as you are secured, you can get going and glide from one end to the other of the respective zip lines.

Zip Line

For many people, gliding along a zipline offers both an exciting adventure and a thrill that they cannot otherwise experience. As a tirolina is often installed in scenic areas such as mountains, forests or gorges, people use it to experience the breathtaking nature and landscape from a unique perspective. In short, a tirolina is a fun leisure activity for families, friends or group outings. It offers an opportunity for shared adventures and experiences that are often remembered for a long time.

Zip Lines

In Romania, there are several zip lines where you can glide from A to B secured with a harness on a steel cable. You can find some of them below. Special safety regulations apply to all ziplines. In most cases, only people over a certain height can use the ziplines. You should also pay attention to your clothing. Sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing are advisable.

Map Zip Lines