The Tiroliana Cheile Turzii is located just 35 kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca and 12 kilometers from Turda and offers you a thrilling experience over a distance of around 600 meters. At speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour (depending on your weight), you will overcome a height difference of 100 meters. People over 75 kilos therefore wear a small brake parachute to slow down the speed. And if you’re ever in the vicinity of Turda, you should also visit the salt mine in Turda.

Tiroliana Cheile Turzii

Location: Principala fara numar, Cheia 507135

Opening hours: See website


Note: Special safety regulations apply to every Tiroliana. In most cases, only people over a certain height can use the zip lines. You should also choose the right clothing.

Zip Lines in Romania

Zip Line

In Romania, there are several zip lines where you can slide from A to B on a steel cable, secured with a harness.

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