Saint Anna Lake (Lake Lacul Sfanta Anna) is located not far from the town of Tusnad and is a volcanic lake fed only by rainwater and snowmelt water. It is located at an altitude of about 950 meters and its shore length is 1.7 kilometers. The lake is only 7 meters deep, but swimming is not allowed here. But a boat trip across the lake is beautiful.

Saint Anna Lake (Lake Lacul Sfanta Anna)

Saint Anna Lake

Hiking Trails:

  • Băile Tuşnad – Lacul Sfânta Ana
    Marking: Blue ribbon
    Walking time: 3 hours / 6.7 km
  • Pârâul Vargyas – Pustia Mohoş – Cabana Sfânta Ana
    Marking: Yellow triangle
    Walking time: 2 hours / 5,5 km
  •  Tinovul Mohos Tőzegláp – Lacul Sfânta Ana
    Walking times:
  • Around the lake 30 minutes

Photos of Saint Anna Lake ( Lacul Sfanta Ana)

Although the area around the lake is known to have bears, I didn’t see any there myself. I must have been at the lake at the wrong time of day and it was also quite hot that day. You should avoid going for walks in the dark. There are several hiking trails to choose from. There is also a small pub by the lake and a church where people throw money in and make a wish.

Saint Anna Lake (Lacul Sfanta Anna )

Location: Tusnad

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