The Macin Mountains National Park (Parculu National Muntii Macinului)is a protected area in the Dobrogea region (Dobruja) and offers numerous hiking trails. The protected area can be reached from the west by national road 22D and from the north by E87 and 222A which leads from Luncavita to Horia. The villages of Macin, Greci, Cerna or Balabancea are other starting points to explore the National Park. You can experience the biodiversity of the National Park at first hand. There are 18 hiking and biking trails to choose from, where you can enjoy the unique landscapes and, with a little luck, discover rare animal species.

Macin Mountains National Park

Macin Mountains


The Macin Mountains are the oldest mountains in Romania and are worth seeing, even if the peaks do not exceed 500 meters. The highest peak, Vârful Țuțuiatul, is only 467 meters high. Nevertheless, it can get chilly on the peaks. You should also watch out for snakes, even though they usually hide. Turtles or blue lizards can also be spotted with a little luck. However, you cannot explore the Chediu area, which is a strictly protected reserve, and excluded from tourism!

Hiking Trails:

  • The trails are well signposted and vary in length. For example, from Macin, the Culmea Pricopanului trail runs for 14 kilometers and is marked by a blue banner on a white background. The Tutuiatu trail is accessible from both Greci and Nifon and extends for 19 kilometers. It is marked with a blue triangle on a white background.

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  • There is also a horse riding trail , starting point is Padocul de cai, which is about 4 km from Cerna. From here the horse trail continues through the Arsu Valley – Vf. Șaua Mare, Vf. Arheuziu – Vf. Archizel – Vf. Lifante – Vf. Pietrele Albe – Vf. Mangina – Valea Puturoasa back to the starting point.

Photos of Macin Mountains

Macin Mountains National Park (Parculu National Muntii Macinului)

Loctaion: Region Dobrogea (Macin, Greci, Horia)

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