Lacul Vida is a reservoir that nevertheless impresses its visitors when the forests are reflected in the water. Also interesting is the funnel-shaped overflow, which is located in the lake and is unique in Europe. Since there is a forest path around the lake, you can walk around the lake and discover its particularities. The lake is also popular with anglers. However, most of them come to enjoy the nature. You can also visit one of the caves (Pestera cu Cristale de la Farcu / Pestera Meziad) in the region or explore the Videi Gorge (Cheile Vida). You should also see the historic church in Luncasprie.

Vida Lake (Lacul Vida)

welcome to Vida Lake

The Lake Vida (Lacul Vida) reservoir is located on the northern edge of the Parcul Natural Apuseni not far from the city of Oradea and is a must see for any nature lover, the region is simply magnificent.

Hiking Trails:

  • Hiking trail around the lake
  • Hiking trails in the gorge

Photos of Lake Vida (Lacul Vida)

Lake Vida (Lacul Vida)

Location: Dobresti (46.862571125682294, 22.30799800985906)

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