The Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu) is located in Mures County near the resort (spa) Sovata, in the surroundings of which there are several lakes (Lacul Paraschiva, Lacul Alunis, Lacul Rosu, Lacul Serpilor, Lacul Mierlei). Lacul Ursu is the largest of these lakes and offers a wide range of recreational activities. The lake is also one of the rare lakes with salt water in the world and therefore it is also called the “Dead Sea of Europe”

Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu)

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Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu) is unique in the world , because around the salt lake there is a magnificent vegetation that invites you to hike. Many hotels in Sovata also offer numerous services, including massages, sauna and more. The lakes near Sovata are among the attractions in Romania that you should have seen.

Note: Swimming in the lake is restricted between certain hours of the day!

Hiking Trails:

  • In the area of the lakes there are also numerous hiking trails, which among others connect the individual lakes.
  • Hiking trails over long distances.

Photos of Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu)

Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu)

Location: Sovata (46.60397695523329, 25.08543598647746)

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