Bacau is a city in Romania and is located on the Bistritz River, which was dammed in this region and is now used for power generation. However, parts of the reservoir also serve as a recreational area for the inhabitants. The center of the city is the square Piata Stefan Cel Mare, where the equestrian statue of the national hero is located, as well as the mighty building of the Catedrala Inaltarea Domnului (Assumption Church of Bacau), one of the largest cathedrals in Romania. Nearby, there is also the church of Parohia Ortodoxa SF. Nicolae as well as the birthplace of the poet George Bacovia (Casa memorială George Bacovia) and the Parcul Catedralei Park.

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Among the sights you have to see are the birthplace of the painter Nicu Enea, the Castelul Rosu in the Parcul Dendrologic Hemeius and the church Biserica Precista. Not to forget the old water tower, which today houses an observatory “Victor Anestin”. You can also visit one of the city’s museums. You can do shopping in the Arena Mall, among other places.

Highlights Bacau

  • Church of the AscensionBacau (Catedrala Inaltarea Domnului)
  • Church (Parohia Ortodoxa SF. Nicolae)
  • Birthplace of poet George Bacovia (Casa memoriala George Bacovia)
  • Birth-House painter Nicu Enea (Casa memoriala Nicu Enea )
  • Red Castle (Castelul Rosu)
  • Church (Biserica Precista)
  • Observatory (Observatorul Astronomic Victor Anestin)
  • Teatrul Municipal Bacovia
  • Lake (Lacul Bacau)
  • Insula de Agrement
  • Park Parcul Gheraiesti
  • Slanic Moldova

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The city’s offer also includes numerous events. For example, the House of Cultures (Casa de Cultură) hosts various events that might interest you. The Teatrul Municipal Bacovia theater is located in a beautiful building and also hosts various productions. Also popular with locals and tourists is the Insula de Agrement Bacau, where you can relax, take walks, go boating and much more. No less popular is the Aqua Club Bacau with its various swimming pools or the Park Parcul Gheraiesti, which invites you for walks. Lacul Bacau is among others popular with anglers and at the same time a nature reserve 8

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Outside the city, the Palatul Darmanesti Castle, the salt mine and church in Targu Ocna and the Monumentul DADA in Moinesti (Strada Atelierelor) are worth a visit.
You can hike and experience nature in the Nemira Mountains (Muntii Nemira). One of the most famous hiking trails here is the trail of 300 steps (Traseul 300 de scari), which starts at Strada Nicolae Balescu in Slanic. Here you can also find the Slanic Gorge and a waterfall. Slanic is also known for its medicinal waters. Also known is the spa Slanic Moldova, where various rehabilitation facilities are offered

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Moldova is a historic part of Romania

Welcome to the region Moldova

The city of Bacau is located in the historic region of Moldova!

Museum of the city:

Museum of History, Ethnography, Technink & (Complexul Muzeal „Iulian Antonescu” din Bacau)
Location: Strada 9 Mai 7, Bacau

Museum of Art (Muzeul de Artă din Bacau)
Location: Strada Nicolae Titulescu 23, Bacau

Museum (Muzeul evreiesc Bacau)
Location: Strada George Apostu, Bacau