Arad is a city in the west of Romania, located along the Mures River (Mieresch), over which also crosses the architecturally valuable Trajan Bridge (Podul lui Traian). The city has many old buildings that are worth seeing, among which are the City Hall (Primaria Arad), the Theater Building (Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici), as well as the churches Biserica Catolica “Sf. Anton de Padova”, Catedrala “Sfânta Treime” and also the Palace of Culture (Palatul Cultura).

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However, Arad also offers numerous green oases and a large outdoor swimming pool (Strandul Neptun). The promenade (Malul Muresului) along the river is also very popular. You should also visit one of the museums or a concert in the Filarmonica Arad. Not to forget the fortress Cetatea Aradului, which can be visited only from the outside. In short, Arad offers sightseeing, events, recreational opportunities and cultural facilities.

Highlights Arad

  • City Hall (Primaria Arad)
  • Trajan’s Bridge (Podul lui Traian)
  • Theatre (Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici)
  • Biserica Catolica „Sf. Anton de Padova”
  • Cathedral (Catedrala „Sfânta Treime”)
  • Palace of Culture(Palatul Cultura)
  • River Promenade (Malul Muresului)
  • Filarmonica Arad
  • Swimming pool & recreation(Strandul Neptun)
  • Museums (Complexul Muzeal Arad)
  • Fortress (Cetatea Aradului) (can be visited only from the outside)
  • Nature Reserve (Parcului Natural Lunca Muresului R.A.)

Arad City Guide

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul National de Informare si Promovare Turistica
    Address: Bulevardul Revolutiei 81, Arad
  • Internet:

Photos of Arad

Arad is also a good starting point to discover the region. For example, near the road E68 is the winery Balla Geza. In the opposite direction is the monastery Manastirea Bezdin and the monastery Manastirea Hodos-Bodrog. Also worth seeing is the old Castelul Purgly in Sofronea, which today houses a treatment center with thermal water pools. Just outside the city of Arad there is also the nature reserve (Parcului Natural Lunca Mureşului R.A. / on the banks of the Mures River. Here you can hike and bike, among other things. Come to Arad, the Romanian town also called the city of palaces.


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