A part of today’s Romania was called Satmar si Maramures in the past. Today, this region includes the counties (Romanian: Judetul) Satur Mare and Maramures . The region borders the Republic of Ukraine to the north, the Republic of Hungary to the west and the Bucovina region to the east. In the south it borders with the regions of Transylvania and Crisana. Maramures is characterized by green valleys surrounded by equally green and forested hills and the mountains in the Rodna Mountains National Park and Maramures Mountains Nature Park. Time seems to have stopped in the small villages, which are always located in the beautiful landscape. . In the cities like Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei or Satu Mare, on the other hand, life pulsates, even if not as fast as in Bucharest.

Satmar si Maramures

Maramures part of Romania

The Maramures region is a paradise for nature lovers, who will find here, among other things, hiking trails and mountain climbing in the Rodna Mountains National Park and Maramures Mountains Nature Park. A good starting point for exploration is, for example, the small town of Borsa. From there you can also get to Lacul Stiol (Glacial Lake), for example. From Borsa it is also not far to Viseu de Sus. There the old steam locomotive Mocanita starts. In the beautiful Iza Valley you will also find the Barsana Monastery, not far from the town of Sighetu Marmatiei. You can also visit one of the numerous wooden churches, for example in Desesti or Polenile Izei. Wood craftsmanship has a long tradition in this region due to the abundance of forests and can be seen almost everywhere. Take a look at the artistically carved wooden gates. You should also visit the towns of Baia Mare, Satu Mare or Sighetu Marmatiei, which not only offer some sights, but are also good starting points for day trips to the beautiful Maramures region.

In the Maramures region you can find some unique nature reserves such as the Parcul Natural Munții Maramuresului (Maramures Mountains Nature Park) or the Parcul National Muntii Rodnei (Rodna Mountains National Park), whose highest peak is Varful Pietrosul with an altitude of over 2300 meters, as well as cities worth seeing. Among them are the town of Baia Mare, Satu Mare or Sighetu Marmatiei. Not less worth seeing are the traditional villages, which are characterized by wood craft tradition. Cattle breeding is also one of the traditions in this region, if you have the opportunity visit one of the shepherds.
Furthermore, in the Maramures region you will find a variety of recreational opportunities. Here you can go hiking, biking, climbing. In winter you can ski in the Cavnic ski resort. You can find restaurants in the cities as well as various accommodations. In the countryside, farmers and locals also offer accommodation.

Whether city breaks, summer holidays, winter holidays, cultural trips or active holidays, you will find what you are looking for in Romania and its various parts of the country!


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