Satu Mare is a city in the Maramures region in northwestern Romania, bordering the Republic of Hungary. Satu Mare is an interesting and historical city with numerous monuments, museums and galleries. Satu Mare is also known for its thermal springs and spas. You should definitely visit the picturesque old town with its historical buildings. Among the sights you should see are the Roman Catholic Cathedral (Catedrala Romano-Catolica), the Orthodox Cathedral (Biserica ortodoxa Sfantul Petru si Pavel ) and one of the museums. Strada Decebal invites to linger and shop. Satu Mare is also a good starting point to explore the natural beauties and other attractions in the area.

Satu Mare

Welcome to Satu Mare

Satu Mare as well as the Maramures region is known for its traditional rural culture and well-preserved wooden churches. Satu Mare and its surroundings also offer recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, fishing and relaxing in the thermal baths. You should also visit one of the museums such as the Natural History Museum (Muzeul Judeţean Satu Mare) or the Automobile Museum (Muzeul Judeţean Satu Mare). Also worth seeing is the Roman Garden (Gradina Romei ), located on a historical Roman settlement. You will also be thrilled by the park (Parcul Central Satu Mare). The recreational area “Iojib” is also popular. Along the Someș River you can go for a walk or a bike ride. In Satu Mare there are many accommodation options for almost every budget.

Highlights Satu Mare

  • Old Town with Bulevardul Traian, Piata Libertatii
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral (Catedrala Romano-Catolica)
  • Hungarian Reformed Church (Biserica cu lanțuri)
  • Roman Garden (Gradina Romei )
  • Park (Parcul Central Satu Mare)
  • Natural History Museum (Muzeul Judeţean Satu Mare)
  • Automobile Museum (Dacia Romanian Museum)
  • Strolling mile (Strada Debecal)
  • Thermal Bath AquaStar
  • Museum of Art (Muzeul de Artă)

City Guide Satu Mare

Useful Addresses

  • City Hall – Primăria Municipiului Satu Mare
    Adresse: Piata 25 Octombrie Nr. 1 Satu Mare


Satu Mare is located in the beautiful Maramures region and is a good base for exploring the surrounding area. You should have seen, among others, the lake Iojib, which is a popular recreation area. The cheerful cemetery in Sapanta is also easy to reach from Satu Mare. If you love railroads, you should make your way to hostoric railroad Mocanita. Nature reserves such as the Rodna Mountains are also not too far away.

Satu Mare

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Satmar Maramures is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Satu Mare is located in the historic region of Satmar si Maramures!