Lake Calinesti Oas (Lacul Calinesti Oas) is a reservoir in the area of the village Calinesti-Oas in Romania and was built for irrigation as well as flood control. Today, the lake also serves as a recreational area. Here you can go fishing, relax and enjoy Romanian food in a restaurant. Since the lake is surrounded by deciduous forests, you can also take long walks here. One of the newest attractions is a floating restaurant with a terrace. If you are looking for peace and relaxation by the lake, this is the right place for you, as well as for anglers.

Calinesti Oas Lake (Lacul Calinesti Oas)

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Hiking Trails:

  • There are numerous hiking trails in the forests surrounding the lake, and there are also long hiking trails to nearby attractions.

Photos of Lake Calinesti Oas (Lacul Calinesti Oas)

Lake Calinesti Oas (Lacul Calinesti Oas)

Location: Calinesti-Oas (47.897190322263654, 23.28738643837533)

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