A part of today’s Romania was called Crisana in the past. Today, this region includes the counties (Romanian: Judetul) of Arad, Bihor and Salaj. The region borders on the Republic of Hungary in the west, on the Transilvania region in the east, on the Banat region in the south and on the Satmar si Maramures region in the north. Characterized by unique natural landscapes, picturesque villages and towns worth seeing, the region is a beautiful destination in Romania.


Crisana part of Romania

Crisana is a paradise for nature lovers, who will find here, among other things, hiking trails and mountain climbing in the Apuseni National Park. You should also see one of the numerous caves located in this region, some of which are accessible to tourists. In the Bihor Mountains, for example, there are the Bear Cave (Pestera Ursilor) and the Bat Cave (Pestera Liliecilor). In the Cretaceous area you can also go fishing, horseback riding and climbing. I was also immediately fascinated by the numerous sights. Take a look at the old town of Oradea. And also in the city of Arad you will find beautiful old buildings. You should also visit some of the museums in this region. As everywhere in Romania, you will find castles and historical fortresses in this region. Among them are the ruins of Cetatea Siria, Cetatea Bathory, or the ruins of the castle Soimos or Cetatea Biharia. Crisana is also known for its spas, such as the thermal spa Baile Felix or Tasnad.

In the region of Crisana (Kreischgebiet) you can find both some unique nature reserves, such as the Apuseni Nature Park (Parcul Natural Apuseni), whose highest peak is in the Bihor Mountains (Muntii Bihorului), and cities worth visiting. Among them are the city of Oradea, Arad, Salonta, Beius, Zalau. The spas like Baile Felix or Tasnad offer numerous treatments for rheumatic diseases, for example.
Furthermore, in the Bukovina region you will find a wide range of recreational opportunities. Here you can go hiking, biking, climbing, hunting or horseback riding. In winter, the ski resorts of Piatra Graitoare and Vartop offer opportunities for skiing. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and accommodation.

Whether city breaks, summer holidays, winter holidays, cultural trips or active holidays, you will find what you are looking for in Romania and its various parts of the country!


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