Zalau is a city in the Crisana region of Romania, which has numerous attractions and is also located in a landscape rich in nature. Located between the Eastern Carpathians and the Western Carpathians (Apuseni Mountains), the region offers many hiking trails that lead through picturesque mountains and sometimes reveal breathtaking views. In the city itself you will find among other historical buildings and interesting museums. You should visit the Ethnographic Museum of Zalau, which displays traditional Romanian handicrafts, clothing and other exhibits. Also worth seeing is the historic Porolissum Fortress, as well as the Roman Catholic Church (Biserica Romano-Catolică) and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Catedrala Adormirea Maicii Domnului). Zalau is also a good starting point to explore the surrounding area.


City of Zalau

There are many recreational opportunities in Zalau and its surroundings. The region around Zalau offers many beautiful hiking trails and mountain climbing areas, including the Apuseni Mountains and the Rodna Mountain Massif. Furthermore, there are several cycling trails in and around Zalau. You can also visit one of the numerous events such as concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and festivals in Zalau. Romantic are the sunsets at the lake (Lacul Varsolt), which is located about 25 kilometers from Zalau. And if you are already on your way, you can also have a look at the Castelul Báthory din Şimleu Silvaniei or relax in the thermal bath Băile Boghiș.

Highlights Zalau

  • Fortress Porolissum
  • Cathedral Assumption Virgin (Catedrala Adormirea Maicii Domnului)
  • Cathedral Saint Friday
    (Catedrala Sfanta Vineri)
  • Fountain (Fântâna cu îngerași)
  • Roman Catholic Church(Biserica Romano-Catolică)
  • Museum of History and Art (Muzeul Județean de Istorie și Artă)
  • Transylvanian building (Clădirea Transilvania)
  • Recreation area(Parcul Pădure Brădet)
  • City park with amphitheater (Parcul Central Municipal Zalău)
  • Statue (Statuia Wesselényi)

City Guide Zalau

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul National de informare si promovare turistica Zalau
    Address: Piața Iuliu Maniu 4, Zalău


Zalau is a beautiful place to discover and enjoy the beauty of nature. In Zalau itself you can choose from various accommodations and in the numerous restaurants you should try one of the many traditional Romanian dishes. Among them are sarmale (cabbage rolls), mici (minced rolls) or tochitura (kind of goulash). Moreover, from Zalau you can also reach the beautiful cities like Oradea or Cluj-Napoca.


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Crisana is a historic part of Romania

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The city of Zalau is located in the historic region of Crisana!