Romania, rich in nature, is known for its numerous spas, where mineral-rich thermal springs or even salt lakes are located. These spas offer a diverse range of wellness and spa programs. Among them are thermal baths and mud baths as well as hydrotherapy, massages, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Furthermore, depending on the spa, you will also find opportunities for hiking, skiing, biking or boating. The applications and treatments offered are often performed by experienced therapists who can respond to the individual needs of spa patients. But before you decide on an application or treatment, consult a doctor you trust. Spas Romania

Among the most famous spas in Romania are:

  • Baile Felix is a spa town near the city of Oradea with mineral-rich thermal springs and a wide range of wellness and spa programs.
  • Sovata is known for the origin of the famous “Bear Lake”, whose salty water and mud are considered to have healing properties.
  • Baile Herculane is one of the oldest spas in Romania and is located in the mountains on the edge of the Domogled National Park not far from the town of Targu Jiu. The place is known for its thermal springs and sulfur baths
  • Calimanesti is a spa town in the Carpathians, known for its mineral springs and mud baths. It is also a popular destination for hiking and skiing.
  • Geoagiu Bai is a spa town in Transylvania known for its hot springs and healing mud baths.
  • Techirghiol is a spa town on the shore of the Black Sea (Constanta), known for its mineral-rich mud treatments and hydrotherapy.
  • Buzias is a spa town near the city of Timisoara, known for its mineral springs and a variety of wellness treatments.
  • Ocna Sibiului is a spa resort near the city of Sibiu, known for its salt lakes and mineral springs.
  • Covasna is a spa town in the Eastern Carpathians, known for its healing carbonic acid baths and natural beauty.

Health Resorts Romania

Health Resorts Romania offer a variety of treatments and therapies, including thermal baths, massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

  • Thermal baths are said to help reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation and boost metabolism due to a high concentration of minerals.
  • Mud baths are said to help nourish and condition the skin due to minerals and organic substances contained in the mud, as well as relieve joint pain and skin problems such as acne and eczema.
  • Inhalations of mineral-rich thermal water are said to help with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

  • Massages are said to help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. There are different types of massages, among them are classical massages, aromatherapy massages, shiatsu and others.
  • Electrotherapy, this application uses electrical impulses to help treat pain, paralysis and muscle spasms.
    Acupuncture, is an ancient method of application in which needles are placed on specific acupuncture points and is said to help treat pain, sleep disorders and other health problems.
  • Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses mineral-rich water at various temperatures and pressures. Hydrotherapy is said to relieve muscle and joint pain and improve circulation, among other benefits.
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But before you decide on an application or treatment, consult a doctor you trust. Make sure which treatment or application is suitable for you and your health.

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