The historic Arad Fortress (Cetatea Aradului) is located in the Romanian city of the same name and is impressive. The fortress complex was built in the shape of a hexagonal star with six bastions on a peninsula in 1740-1780. Inside the fortress there were three main buildings, including a church, which is now a ruin.

Arad Fortress (Cetatea Aradului)

Welcome to Arad Fortress

Today, Arad Fortress houses a peacekeeping battalion and is therefore only opened to tourists on October 25, Armed Forces Day. It is under discussion to make the castle a tourist attraction, but when that will be is questionable, until then you can only visit the fortress from the outside.

Photos of Arad Fortress (Cetatea Aradului)

Arad Fortress (Cetatea Aradului)

Standort: Arad (46.171623025726326, 21.33202935397405)

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