Targu Jiu is a city of about 80,000 inhabitants in Romania, known for the Gate of the Kiss and other sculptures by sculptor Constantin Brancusi, which are located in the sculpture park of the Romanian city. The city lies on the banks of the Jiu River which was dammed to form Lake Lacul Vădeni, where electricity is generated today. Other sights of the city include the Mausoleul Ecaterina Teodoroiu și Catedrala Sfinții Voievozi on Revolution Square (Piata Revolutiei), the house of the city administration Instituția Prefectului Județul Gorj on Strada Victoriei, and the old water tower (Castelul de Apa), to name a few. The beautiful church Biserica Sfinții Petru și Pavel is located on Calea Eroilor, leading to the Sculpture Park.

Targu Jiu

Targu Jiu


In the vicinity of Targu Jiu you should also take a look at some attractions. The open-air museum Muzeul Arhitecturii Populare Din Gorj shows old buildings from the region and is located just a few kilometers outside the city. Also just outside the city is the National Park Parcul National Defileul Jiului, offering opportunities for hiking, biking and rafting, among others. About 30 kilometers away is also the monastery Manastire Lainici. The beautiful Transalpina 67C pass road starts not far from Targu Jiu at Novaci.

Highlights Targu Jiu

  • Sculpture Park
  • Gate of Kiss (Poarta Sarutului)
  • Table of Silence (Masa Tacerii)
  • Column of Infinity (Coloana Infinitului)
  • Peter & Paul Church Targu Jiu (Biserica Sfintii Petru si Pavel )
  • House of the city government(Institutia Prefectului Judetul Gorj)
  • Water Tower (Castelul de Apa)
  • Mausoleul Ecaterina Teodoroiu si Catedrala Sfinții Voievozi
  • Tudor Vladimirescu’s Statue
  • Museum of Art Alexander Stefulescu
  • Open Air Museum Gorj (Muzeul Arhitecturii Populare Din Gorj)
  • National Park (Parcul National Defileul Jiului )
  • Monastery Lainici (Manastire Lainici)
  • Transalpina Road

Targu Jiu City Guide

Useful Addresses

  • Tourist Info – Centrul National de Informare si Promovare Turistica
    Address: 3 Strada Crisan, Targu Jiu
  • Internet: https://www.targujiu.info

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